Skin Care Game Changer With Microneedling At Home

If anything, 2020 has wreaked havoc on almost every aspect in our lives. We often forget to take a moment to pause and do a little self care. So why not indulge and give yourself a fabulous skin care treatment. Time to end the year with beautiful, clear skin that has a healthy glow.

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Revive Your Skin

I have to be honest, I was very nervous to try mirconeedling at home. The idea of making a bunch of tiny openings in my skin made me fear for the worst. I worked myself up a little too much that by the time it came to microneedle, I almost backed out. As soon as I put the Deminuage QuickPore NanoPen to my face, it was not nearly as invasive as I thought it would be. In fact, it did not even hurt at all!

Upon opening the box, the NanoChips were all individually and hygienically packed for your skin safety. The NanoPen itself came in a velour storage bag.

The NanoPen does use AAA batteries that are very easy to put in. Once the battery is in place, a push button at the base of the NanoPen will turn it on and off.

The speed and pressure the NanoChip gives is gentle enough to use the Deminuage system daily. I love that the NanoChips are single use so that there is no chance of introducing bacteria back in your skin.

To start microneedling, all I needed to do was screw in a NanoChip into the NanoPen. Once my pen was ready to go, I then had the option to use my personal face serum or use the Deminuage Blanq Brightening serum. I like that you always have an option in regards to using different serums to learn what works best for your face when using the NanoPen.

I decided to try the Deminuage Blanq Brightening serum. There was more than enough serum in each capsule to cover my face and neck with still some left over. When I was satisfied with the serum coverage, it was time to start microneedling!

I placed the NanoPen with the NanoChip facing downwards and flat on my chin. I slide the NanoPen up and out towards my ear in a lifting motion and continued that pattern up my cheek. I repeated that same motion on my other cheek. When I got to my forehead, I slide the NanoPen from my eyebrows up to my hair line. I repeated the entire process twice, but the directions recommened not to go over the same area more than three times.

Overall it was a quick and painless process that gave me impressive results. Immediately after I finished microneedling with the Deminuage Nano Pen, my skin was slightly red. The microneedling itself was not painful, but it did feel a little funny around my nose, jawline and eyebrow area.

My skin felt extremely soft and tight after one session and it did not take long for the redness to go away. There was a unique sensation as if you can feel the blood rushing to your face, but in a rejuvenating way. In just after 8 days of use, the texture of my skin became extremely smooth. My skin looked and felt hydrated and healthier. I also noticed a sun spot on my cheek faded and my frown lines appeared flatter. An old college friend even passed on a compliment that I do not seem to age!! That’s the best thing this girl has heard in a while!

Deminuage NanoPen with NanoChip in action.

Ready to end 2020 with fabulous skin? We know we are!! Would you make microneedling a part of your skin care routine?

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