Simple Steam Mop For Any Household

Simple Steam Mop For Any Household

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I prefer to use natural and eco-friendly cleaning products and solutions when cleaning around the home. A few months ago, I was introduced to using steam to help sanitize around our home with one product. Since then, we’ve had a cleaner home without chemicals. One product allows us the versatility to use steam to clean and sanitize many types of surfaces, mattresses, furniture, and clothes.

Are you ready for a simple steam mop for any household?

Shark Steam Mop

Meet the Shark Steam Mop

The Shark Steam Mop comes with two cleaning pads and a chamber to fill up with fresh clean water. The mop is lightweight and easy to set up.

How to use:

  1. Attach one of the cleaning pads to the mop
  2. Fill the chamber with the desired amount of water
  3. Plug in the steam mop

The Shark Steam Mop needs only a few minutes to heat up and you are ready to start cleaning and sanitizing your floors. To start using, you just pump the handle as you move the mop, from there you can see the steam continuously expel as you clean the floors.

I clean and sanitize the bathroom every few days and it only takes a few minutes. The longest part is waiting for the floors to dry from the steam and even then, you can hand dry the floors if you prefer.

Shark created a simple steam mop for any household!

Shark Steam Mop side view

The Shark Steam Mop is compact, so it does not take up a lot of space. I find that my steam mop stores easily in a closet or corner. If you are limited on space, it is perfect for your household. No need for a clunky mop and bucket. The steam mop is about the same size as those mops that have those one use cleaning pads! Why waste money buying those one use cleaning pads? The Shark Steam Mop has washable pads that you can use over and over again.

Before using the Shark Steam Mop to clean, I highly recommend sweeping or run a vacuum over your floors to remove debris and such. Once your floors are clear, using the steam mop is so much easier!

Once you are done moping, you can throw the cleaning pad in the washer and dryer.

When you use the Shark Steam Mop, all you need is plain water to sanitize your floors in one quick step! I no longer need to mess with a mop and bucket to clean the floors.

If you are searching for a quick and easy solution to clean your floors, try a simple steam mop for any household from Shark Cleaning!

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How often do you clean your floors? Have you tried a steam mop?

You can shop Shark Steam Mops and additional Shark products and accessories at Target.

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  1. Always wanted a steam mop, looks like it does a good job of cleaning, without too much effort and back breaking work

  2. I have never tried a steam mop before, but it sounds effective!

  3. Jacqueline Hughes says

    I have always wanted one of these mops.

  4. I have a new Shark that is even a little more simple than this one. I love the light weight of the mop the most.

  5. I love my shark steam mop! I have a secret too, I totally use it to clean my walls and it works awesome. (Like twice yearly, ya know.)

  6. Denise Low says

    I have a shark vacuum cleaner and I would love to own this one. They are a great product.

  7. Lindsay A. says

    I’ve been wanting to incorporate steam into our cleaning, & this looks awesome! It also looks so simple to use, which is a real plus.

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