Sharing My Easter Traditions With My Kids

Sharing My Easter Traditions with My Kids

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Growing up Easter was always one of my favorite holidays. Not for all the treats but for the time we got to always spend with family. For us, Easter was always about making the most of the time we had with family and celebrating the real reason for Easter. These are my reasons for sharing my Easter traditions with my kids.

I remember all my cousins would come to my grandparents and we would decorate eggs. With eight grandkids there was always a ton of eggs and a huge mess. Though I always remember just how much fun we always had. Since having my last daughter in November of 2017 I haven’t attempted to dye eggs because well I just didn’t feel like fighting with the mess but now that my kids are older I think they are finally ready.

To dye or not to dye.


eggs and dye

Smiling Faces

Starting to dye

Finished Eggs

The only problem with dyeing eggs, is well I hate the smell of boiled eggs. Honestly just sitting here typing I can smell them in my head. With four children there is no way I’m taking a chance at a rogue egg going missing and rotting in the house. That’s where Eggnots are perfect for our family. These ceramic eggs are perfect for dying just like a real egg but isn’t breakable and doesn’t rot! You can dye them, you can color them, you can dress them up with stickers or jewels. The perfect Easter fun for our family. Check out the fun we had making them. For more information check out their website, Facebook, or Instagram.


Dressing your best.  

Feltman Easter Dress

The biggest thing I always remember is every year we would get up bright and early before the sun and put on our new Easter dresses. We would always get brand new dresses and I always had so much fun going to the store with my mom and picking them out. Always matching dresses for my sister and I. No matter what that day, we dressed our best to celebrate our resurrection.

There’s nothing quite like a new outfit, and for my children, I love finding the perfect fit for them. Our dresses growing up were always so beautiful and elegant and I’ve found the perfect clothing company that makes the perfect Easter outfits. They are hand embroidered. They are all styled with the old-fashioned stylings in mind. Feltman Brothers are one of my favorite clothing shops for kids. From elegant dresses to handsome little rompers for boys, this store is great all your Easter needs. To find your perfect outfit check out their website, Facebook, or Instagram.

Easter Dress

Little Ella Rae Bow

( The beautiful little bow is brought to you by Little Ella Rae, find out more on their website or Instagram. )

Sharing my Easter traditions with my kids.

At the end of the day, the thing I remember about our Easters growing up is always family. We would always have a big family lunch and egg hunt to end a day filled with family. And that’s exactly what I always want my children to remember as well. Those traditions are something I hope to always share because family is so important.

What are some of your favorite family traditions?


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