Practical Tips to Save for Vacation

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Practical Tips to Save for Vacation

Practical Tips to Save for Vacation

We rarely have the opportunity to go on vacation. The last few years, my son and I have had to travel back to my hometown to visit family. My husband also had to travel out of state to take an exam.

It has been a few years since we’ve gone on a vacation as a family. We just haven’t had the time or money. We would have to work around our son’s school schedule and my husband’s work schedule. Either we have the time and money but then an unexpected expense comes up or we have the money but no time to go anywhere.

Don’t let the lack of funds keep you from taking a vacation.

Here are Practical Tips to Save for Vacation:

1. Eat at home

We eat at home about 98% of the time. When we do go out to eat, it’s a nice treat for us. My husband and I have different schedules, so we rarely have time or days off together. In all honesty, we see each other in passing.

2. Take advantage of memberships

Do you have a Costco, Sam’s Club, AAA or credit cards? They often have travel discounts. Be sure to check those before booking your trip.

3. Shop online to earn cash back

I love shopping online, so I take advantage of cash back opportunities. I use Ebates. Every time I need to buy something, I search for the retailer on Ebates and shop that way.

I bought my washer and dryer online through Ebates!

You can also shop online for your travel needs. Tip: Use Ebates to earn cash back!

4. Save a percentage or certain amount every paycheck

When I worked full time outside of the home, I used to save a certain amount every payday. Even now, my paychecks are sporadic. I still set aside as much as I can for each check.

5. Save your change

This may sound crazy but we have an old container we use to throw our coins in.  It is amazing when you forget about your change container and check it every few months to see how full it is getting.  We really don’t pay attention ours, we just worry about getting rid of our change from our wallets and pockets.

6. Brew your own cup of coffee

I love our Keurig! I use it to make my coffee throughout the day. I couldn’t afford to go to the coffee shop every day. Imagine how much you can save if you brew your own coffee!

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