My Family Recipe for Potato Casserole

My Family Recipe for Potato Casserole

I had the great pleasure of being raised by my grandmother. This woman is incredible – she was raised on a tobacco farm in the 1940s-1950s. She drove a school bus for her high school at the age of 16 and came home every day to tend to the tobacco and the animals (specifically chickens and pigs). She helped my great-grandmother CHURN THEIR OWN BUTTER and can make the best cornbread. She married my grandfather and the two remained happily in love until he passed away from Pancreatic Cancer in 1997.

Being raised by a strong-willed, Southern grandmother means we were in the kitchen together everyday cooking all of our meals. We made everything from Breakfast Casserole (Southern women love casseroles) to Gingerbread Cookies. I can remember being four years old, standing on a step stool and helping her cut out the little gingerbread men. My current boyfriend is just astounded by the number of meals I can create from memory. What really drives him crazy is that neither myself or my grandmother MEASURE ANYTHING. Our conversations often go like this:

Him: ‘Well how much are you adding?’

Me: ‘I dunno, a little bit’

Him: ‘How do you know that’s enough?’

Me: ‘I just add until it looks right’

One of the MANY family recipes I can make from muscle memory is my Great Grandmother, Ruth Bustle’s, Potato Casserole. I actually have the specific measurements for this one – but there are so many variations, so just add ingredients until it feels right. Cooking begins in the heart and just mix, add, and play around with the ingredients until it is well with your soul. (HINT – this stuff might be good with bacon bits!)

Potato Casserole, Hashbrown Casserole, Funeral Potatoes; Call them whatever you want but these things go great as a side with any main dish… Or eaten straight out of the pan when no one is looking …


potato casserole

-One bag of frozen hash browns (any brand)

-One 10.5 oz can of cream of potato soup (any brand)

-One 10.5 oz can of cream of mushroom soup (any brand)

-One 8 oz container of sour cream (any brand)

– Two cups shredded cheddar cheese (any brand, or swap for Colby and Monterrey Jack for a kick) – I’m a rebel and I like my potatoes to be cheesy so I’m more of a 3 cups of cheddar kind of gal

-One cup of Italian blend or Parmesan cheese (any brand)

-Salt, pepper, onion powder, garlic powder to taste (I don’t actually measure these so just taste as you go)


hashbrown casserole

  1. Preheat oven to 425 degrees
  2. spray a 9×12 casserole dish (or pan if you aren’t from the South and you don’t have dishes that you have dubbed specifically for casseroles)
  3. add hash browns, cream of soups, sour cream, two cups shredded cheese, and salt/pepper/garlic powder/onion powder together in a large bowl and stir until combined – be aware that this is going to be dang hard to mix so you’re going to need a HUGE bowl. Don’t be afraid to get in there and mix with your hands!
  4. Pour mixed ingredients into the dish and spread evenly
  5. add your desired amount of Italian Blend/Parmesan cheese to the top
  6. Add a few pads of butter to the top of the cheese (I didn’t say this was a healthy recipe)
  7. Bake in the oven for about 45 minutes, ensuring the top is brown and bubbly
  8. ENJOY

potato casserole recipe

This recipe is so versatile and can be changed up to add so many neat items – add bacon, onion, or diced green peppers. Add breakfast sausage and make it a breakfast meal. Anything goes – just enjoy your family and cooking together.

Check back for more Recipes to cook with your family!



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