Picking a Perfect Book For Story Time

Picking a Perfect Book For Story Time
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There is no better feeling than having my son curled up in my lap, bonding together over our mutual love of reading. Story time is a special time; precious moments woven together to create the tapestry of his childhood.

For my son, it is also a time to broaden his creativity, imagination, and vocabulary. Through his favorite characters, he’s able to explore new worlds and embark on countless adventures from the comfort of his room.

Sometimes, it can be a challenge finding the right book to enjoy with your child. The right book will usually engage your child’s attention, tickle their funny bone, and promote an interest in reading. I’d like to share with you a book that my son and I have really enjoyed together: FisherDawg by Lisa L. Phillips.

Picking a Perfect Book For Story Time

Children’s author Lisa L. Phillips discovered her love of photography while working for the United States Navy. She is also the real-life “Madre” of the book’s main character, FisherDawg. Lisa L. Phillips’s beautiful, humorous, and perfectly timed photography will delight children and bring a smile to your face.

FisherDawg is a light-hearted, entertaining children’s book that will make readers old and young laugh along with FisherDawg’s silly antics. FisherDawg follows the real-life adventures of Cilla, a big-hearted and sassy King Charles Cavalier. She spends her days playing with local children, calling on her Madre to fetch her ball from beneath the couch, enjoying delectable sea food, and soaking up shore life in the charming town of Gloucester, Massachusetts.  Nothing delights Cilla more than a day of fishing with her idol, Philman. Cilla patiently waits for one of Philman’s fresh catches to hit the deck. Then, she springs into action, determined to claim the fish for herself. Sometimes, Cilla gets so carried away attempting to capture her prey, she’ll take a plunge overboard! Because of her skill and determination, she lovingly earns the title of FisherDawg!

Picking a Perfect Book For Story Time

If you’re looking for a story that will capture your child’s attention and imagination, I strongly recommend you check out FisherDawg! The back pages are filled with fun extras: creative craft ideas, silly jokes, and even a recipe to make some treats for your furry companion at home! The story and photographs will bring laughter and enjoyment to animal lovers of all ages! My preschooler loved this book. The pictures and funny adventures of Cilla kept him captivated until the very last page! This is a great book to enjoy with your children. I also recommend it for grandparents and grandchildren!

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