Perfect Red Lip Kit Review

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Perfect Red Lip Kit

Mally’s Solution to perfect red lips for any skin tone

Wearing red lipstick can be really overwhelming and scary for many women. But when it’s done right, it’s super fierce! This fool-proof lip system allows you to get the perfect, bright, stay-put lip! The primer helps prevent the lipstick from traveling, feathering, staining your lips, and fading. Infused with vitamin E, the lipstick is comforting and super hydrating while still being long wearing. The lip liner is creamy and easy to apply, and it lays down a beautiful, puffy line that really helps make your lips look fuller.

My Review:

I have always wanted to try Mally Beauty products just because I have seen her demonstrations on QVC and love how she makes her products available to everyone, not just celebrities.  Her products last all day and offer high performance and real results for any look you want to achieve.

I was sent two Perfect Red Lip Kits to try in Warm Red and Neutral Red.  I normally don’t wear lipstick, let alone red, but I wanted to give the product a try.  I wanted to see for myself if I could apply lipstick using Mally products.  The kid included a primer, lip liner and lipstick.  Here is how to apply the products:

Apply primer all over lips. This is going to help fill in any fine lines and wrinkles, so feel free to take it outside of the lip line, too.

Apply lipstick all over the lips, but don’t rub them together, or you’ll end up with a big red mess! Instead, smack them together and say “ma, ma, ma.”

Take that lip liner and trace all around the lip line. Another tip for bigger-looking lips–when lining the top lip, don’t define the Cupid’s bow. Just take that liner and draw a straight line, so it connects the two points of the Cupid’s bow. It may seem weird to apply your lip liner last, but it’s going to help define those lips of yours and really make that red lip look super polished!

I am impressed with the products!  My color literally lasted for hours!  I normally don’t wear lipstick just because it usually wears off after licking my lips too much or taking a few sips of a drink.  When I went to check my lip color, the lipstick was still there!  I love the colors of both kits!  They really make my lips stand out.  The colors bold and rich!

Beauty Brite product disclosure

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  1. Nicole Pafford says

    I might have to give this brand a try! I do not wear much lipstick either and really avoid red! If she made it easy I am willing to give it a shot!

  2. Nice! I love red lipstick but it really fades so fast. This sounds like one to try.
    Diana. 🙂

  3. Sounds like a great product 🙂

  4. I am always wary to try red lipstick. This sounds like a good option.

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