My Dream About My Brother

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My Dream About My Brother

Last night, I had a dream about my brother. What makes this dream special is that my brother passed away in July 2014. I was thinking about him yesterday as well. I was thinking about him and sometimes I wanted to cry but I wanted to remember him in happier times. I miss him dearly. I just cannot believe he’s gone. Knowing what I know now, I would have done things much differently. I wish he asked for help or reached out.

I woke up this morning with my dream fresh in my mind.

My brother and I were back living with our parents. I don’t remember how old we were, I am not sure if we were adults or kids but I know we were at least teenagers or older.

In my dream, my brother had made a comment about his bed and I even went to check it out. It was uncomfortable and needed to be replaced.

I am not sure if my dream has something to do with a previous conversation I had with my husband about our second bed. He misses sleeping on our memory foam mattress. He currently sleeps on a regular mattress. He said he likes the firmness of the foam mattress and it is much more comfortable.

My parents ended up buying my brother a new mattress, and headboard! A beautiful headboard too!

I think my dream does have something to do with my own thoughts. Neither of our beds have headboards. Ever since my husband and I have been together, our beds have never had a headboard. We’ve always had the basic bed frame for our mattress and box spring.

I miss my brother and it was so nice to have a dream about him. He was so happy when he saw that my parents bought him a new bed! I truly believe that when we think about and dream about our loved ones we’ve lost, it means they are watching over us and letting us know that they are okay.

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