Make-Up Brushes 101: Get To Know Your Brushes

Picking out make-up brushes can seem overwhelming. There are so many sizes and shapes that it can be difficult to find the right ones for your needs. To help find essentials, we created a mini guide for some great recommendations to choose from.

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All About Quality

When searching for quality make-up brushes, the most important feature to examine are the bristles. Personally, I look for synthetic bristle brushes. Not only are they affordable, but the bristles last longer and there’s less product waste. Synthetic bristles are easier to keep sanitized since they wash well and retain their shape. Many make-up brushes with synthetic bristles can feel a little rough on your skin. Finding soft bristles that don’t shed is also an important feature to look for in make-up brushes.

LaRuce make-up brushes are beautiful and can rival high end and luxury brands. LaRuce make-up brushes have a nice weight to them and are well made. The handle is solid with soft textured bumps that make it comfortable to hold while applying your make-up. The ferrules are a thick and smooth metal that has the bristles firmly in place.

The bristles on the LaRuce brushes are soft on your skin and do not feel rough or scratchy. There was no fall out when the brushes were in use; not even when you gave the bristles a tug. Since the bristles are synthetic, they wont absorb your liquid make-up products, which means less product waste. The LaRuce brushes applied my make-up beautifully without leaving streaks or stray hairs behind.

The travel brush container is a must have. I have destroyed many brushes from simply tossing them in my makeup bag. The LaRuce Rennie Cup protects your makeup brushes when you are on the go. The Rennie Cup is sturdy (made of hard plastic with a rubberized texture on the outside); it keeps the brushes clean from spills and from being crushed or misshapen.

These brushes by LaRuce are amazing for a make-up artist to have in their kit or simply for a make-up junkie like I am.

The Break-Down

So what exactly do each of the LaRuce make-up brushes do? Here is a quick break down!

The Tapered Face (LR360) is a nice big fluffy brush that works great with loose or pressed powders. One of my favorites to use when setting or baking. The Kabuki (LR322) is a densely packed, flat top brush. This is a finishing brush that blends your makeup flawlessly. My favorite use of the Kabuki is for body highlight. The Duo Fibre (LR350) is a stippling brush that has bristles in two different lengths. Great to use with finely milled powders and highlight. It lightly disperses product for a more natural/airbrushed finish.

The Foundation (LR315) is a flat, densely packed brush that is perfect for applying liquid foundation and concealer. An added plus is that these brushes are fun to use for body art! The Fluff (LR333) is a small powder brush for setting under your eyes and applying highlight.

The Contour Blending (LR342) has a rounded toe (tip of the brush) that makes it ideal for applying bronzer. It flawlessly blends contour to rid harsh lines. The Angle Contour (LR334) is a densely packed angled brushed for chiseling out your cheek bones, contouring your jawline and applying blush. The Lip (LR165) has a small, flat brush head. It can apply lip pigments, create a crisp lined lip, or even fun ombre lip looks.

The Lash & Brow (LR133) is a staple for combing out your lashes and brows. You can even use it with product like mascara and brow gel. The Small Angle (LR138) is my favorite for applying eyeliner and creating hair like strokes for eyebrows. The Liner (LR101) can be used to apply brow products and creating detailed make-up artistry designs.

Having brushes that blend your eye makeup flawlessly is essential. The Blending (LR120) blends and diffuses powder shadows with a ‘windshield’ or small circle motion. The Tapered Blending (LR120 & LR005) is a favorite! There are different sized bristle heads to suit your eye shape. I love using these in my crease to buff or ‘blow out‘ my eye shadow. The Detail Blending (LR006) is a shorter and densely packed shadow brush. It can smoke out eye liner, apply corner eye highlight and under eye shadow. The essential ‘smoky eye’ brush.

The Angled Shading (LR117) is a fluffy angled brush that blends your crease and shadow colors together. The Pencil (LR103) is similar to the detail blending but with a pointed brush head. The pointed head makes it easy to create a cut crease, buff out eyeliner, and apply under lash shadow.

An eye shadow brush is a must! The Shadow (LR110 & LR119) packs eyeshadows and pigments onto the eyelid. The brush heads come in different sizes to accommodate different eye shapes. I have hooded eyes with small eyelids, so the LR110 was perfect! It’s a good idea to have multiple shadow brushes when working with different shadows and pigments.

Which make-up brushes do you need for your arsenal?

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