Keeping Your Valuables Safe and Protected

Keeping Your Valuables Safe and Protected

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My husband and I have been putting much more thought into home safety. Unfortunately, it seems like times are more desperate and thefts are on the rise. We have family heirlooms, electronics, and other valuables we’d like to keep better protected in our home. We’d had several discussions about getting a portable safe for our home and when I had the chance to try the SentrySafe PL048E Portable Laptop Safe, I was really excited!

When I pulled the Portable Laptop Safe out of the box, I was very impressed by the durability! It was the perfect size and felt very sturdy. This will keep your laptop computer, money, and other valuables very safe and protected.

Keeping Your Valuables Safe and Protected

The Portable Laptop Safe features a digital, programmable lock that allows you to set the combination. An override key is also provided to make sure you are able to access the safe as a back-up security measure. In addition, a sturdy, steel tethering cable is provided if you need to attach the safe to an affixed object.

Keeping Your Valuables Safe and Protected

I plan on using this for camping trips; I can keep all of our essentials locked up and stored safely in the trunk. You could also attach the steel tethering cable to a secure tree if you wanted to keep the safe in your tent. The carrying handle makes the Portable Laptop Safe easy to transport while traveling.

This is a great choice for students away at college; you can lock up all your valuables and have complete piece of mind that all of the contents inside the safe will stay secure. It’s just the right size for dorm rooms!

I feel so much better having our priceless valuables well-protected by Sentry Safe; a company known for their quality products. I can sleep easier and stress less!

You can purchase the Portable Laptop Safe at Amazon, Home Depot and Walmart.

Curious to know more about the SentrySafe PL048E Portable Laptop Safe? Here are the dimensions:


Exterior Height x Width x DepthInterior Height x Width x DepthCapacityWeight
5.8 in x 17.5 in x 13.6 in3.6 in x 16.4 in x 11.3 in.5 cu. ft16 lbs
14.7 cm x 44.5 cm x 34.5 cm9.1 cm x 41.7 cm x 28.7 cm14 cu. li7.3 kg


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