Stay Warm & Cozy With A Luxurious Alpaca Wool Quilt

Winter is approaching, and one of my favorite things to do is cuddle up with cozy blankets to keep warm during these cold months. In the New England area of the U.S, temps can drop down into the negatives, so having blankets in every nook and cranny is practically essential. I have owned basic comforters, down comforters and everything in between. Then a game changer came into my life, an alpaca wool quilt; talk about a little piece of luxury!

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Wrap Yourself In Luxury

Alpaca wool? YES! When I think of alpaca wool, I think of luxury and warmth. There are so many benefits of alpaca wool, it made me wonder why I didn’t invest sooner. Alpaca wool is very durable, hypoallergenic and even fire and water resistant. It is stronger and longer than your typical sheep wool and it’s excellent at maintaining and regulating heat.

Aus Golden Alpaca Quilt

Earlier this year I had to get rid of both my son’s down comforters because every morning they woke up congested and sneezing. After getting rid of the allergy inducing culprit, I went ahead and purchased basic quilts that my boys always complain about. The AusGolden Gold Medal Pure Alpaca Quilt was a huge win! My boys snuggled and cuddled with the alpaca quilt for days and were very disappointed that their older sister was getting the quilt (looks like I may need to purchase 2 more!!!)

Fluffed Quilt

AusGolden Gold Medal Pure Alpaca Quilt is a huge upgrade. It’s very soft, made from 100% cotton and is machine washable. The Gold Medal Pure Alpaca Quilt is not bulky or overwhelming. When it first comes out of the bag it seems a bit flat, but when you follow the directions and leave it out (away from direct sunlight) for 2-3 hours, it really plumps up.

Gold Medal Pure Alpaca Quilt felt great on the skin, and its not scratchy. Since it’s 100% cotton, the outer layer will continue to soften with each wash. To keep it clean and hygienic, a quilt cover would be ideal. As beautiful as the Gold Medal Pure Alpaca Quilt looks all white, it will be easy to stain and attract dirt, so a quilt cover would be the best solution.

I cuddled up with the Gold Medal Pure Alpaca Quilt for a week before gifting it to my teenage daughter. It kept me nice and warm, but not to the point where I was kicking the covers off sweating. I honestly loved the Gold Medal Pure Alpaca Quilt and cannot wait to make the big switch for my king sized bed!

A Handy Gadget To Make Washing Easier

Personally, I have experienced my sheets constantly wadding up in my washer and dryer. I have two washers, one with an agitator and one without, and it never fails that my sheets are in a squiggly ball in the corner. Sometimes, the loud ‘thumping’ noise would have me running down two flights of stairs to stop my washer so I can straighten out my sheets before the barrel is thrown off balance.

Can we talk wadding in the dryer!?! *ugh!* A bigger pet peeve than the wadding in the washing machine. My sheets are left partially dry, and if I throw clothes in with the sheets, forget it, they will be the next victim of my sheets and everything would have to retreat to the clothes line.

When I heard about the Wad Free, I thought it was a great idea to solve the nuisance of washer/dryer wadding issues. Flat sheets, fitted sheets, and thin quilt covers have finally met their match! It is such a simple tool that fixes the biggest headache. The Wad Free is made of plastic. It prevents wadded sheets and keeps clothing from getting trapped in your sheets and not washing or drying properly.

Only one Wad Free is needed per sheet (the package comes with 2), and I was amazed at how well it worked! My sheets were evenly washed and dried (with no wet spots) and had less wrinkles since it was not wadded up in a tight ball. I did not have to run my dryer for a second time or need to hang it out on the line. It is such an awesome gadget that every laundry room needs.

Video Credit: Wad Free

Are you ready to stay warm & cozy this winter with an alpaca wool comforter and clean sheets?

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