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Environmental Education For Kids

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Environmental education can impact our children in a powerful way. It teaches them about current environmental issues all over the world and ways to become an advocate for our natural habitat. Environmental education can help children be more aware about the importance of sustainability, conserving natural resources and helping create a greener and healthier environment for our economy to thrive in. A great way to start teaching your children about the environment is through gardening, and Sprout pencils are an intriguing introduction.

Gardening Makes The World Go Round

When it comes to raising awareness with our environment, starting small with your children is better than not starting at all. Sprout pencils are a great way to teach your children about sustainability through gardening with a simple pencil.

Sprout pencils are made of sustainable wood along with 100% natural clay and graphite. At the tip of each Sprout pencil is a green capsule containing non-GMO seeds that can be planted once you are done using it. Sprout pencils can be reused to grow flowers, herbs and even veggies! Your child can watch the beauty of the plant grow while being taught about the different stages of plant growth as well as details of how photosynthesis works. This a great way to help them fall in love with gardening and learning about self sustainability in regards to growing your own food.

Sprout pencils perform great and I love that you can not only purchase your basic graphite pencils, but colored pencils as well. When you are ready to plant your Sprout pencil, choose a pot that has good drainage and add a plant saucer or a plate underneath. If your container does not have drainage holes, you can always drill holes in your pot using a diamond hole drill bit.

Choose a well draining soil for your pot and plant your Sprout pencil with the biodegradable seed capsule being completely covered in soil. Make sure to plant your Sprout pencil at an angle and not straight up and down. Keep the soil moist (not wet) and place your pot by a window that receives bright indirect light. So an East, West, or South facing window would be ideal.

Between 1-4 weeks you should begin to see a sprout pop through the dirt. This is so exciting for any child too see! A simple pencil that was at one point meant for the garbage is now growing into something beautiful. This is an ideal visual learning tool for child to see how the concept of sustainability actually works. This can inspire change in the way they look at everyday items and their effect on our environment. It can also spark curiosity in gardening by being able to grow beautiful flowers and delicious herbs and vegetables from seed all by themselves. Such an empowering concept!

Colored Sprout Pencil planted in a pot
Photo Credit: Sprout

Starting a garden with Sprout can help a child not only appreciate reusing an item for a greater benefit, but also peak their interest in nature and the environment. Sprout pencils are not only a great teaching and learning tool, but they make great gifts and favors for just about anyone.

You can find Sprout pencils on for $14.95 for a package of 8.

What are some of your favorite ways to inspire your child?

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