Inspire Romance and Beauty with Rose Perfume

Inspire Romance and Beauty with Rose Perfume


I feel like most of us have a retail addiction to something; shoes, purses, etc. For me, I’ve had a love affair with perfume that started when I was a pre-teen. Whenever I’d stay at my aunt’s house for the weekend, she always had the most lovely and sophisticated perfumes that lined her vanity table. When she’d let me spritz a few on, I always felt feminine and beautiful.

As an adult, my obsession with fragrance has only continued to grow over the years. I have bottles that line the vanity table in my bathroom and each scent represents my many moods. Out of all the scents I own, my favorite has always been perfumes with rose accents.

The fragrance of a rose is timeless and forever elegant. It’s the perfect scent to wear from the board room to running your daily errands. It never goes out of style or season; it fits every occasion! I can’t wait to share three exquisite perfumes, delicately highlighted with the floral fragrance of Rose. I hope they inspire the romantic inside of you.

Inspire Romance and Beauty with Rose Perfume

Dolce and Gabbana’s Rose the One is an ageless, charming scent that flatters women of all ages. In addition to rose, there are also notes of bright citrus, woods, and delicate spice. Rose the One is a very transitional fragrance; wearable from day to night. The perfume reminds me of the modern woman; very sophisticated, powerful, and also feminine. My husband loved the smell of this fragrance on me; he thought it smelled very provocative and alluring.

Inspire Romance and Beauty with Rose Perfume

There is just something about Ombre Rose by Jean Charles Brosseau that I just can’t get enough of! This fragrance was launched in 1981 and has been coveted by women for decades. This perfume smells incredibly fresh and romantic; like stepping out of the shower and getting ready for a first date.

The fragrance is highly addictive; gentle, sweet, powdery, and floral. Ombre Rose is created with premium spices, oriental florals, and a hint of rose. This fragrance is one of my absolute favorites; perfect for formal and casual occasions.

Inspire Romance and Beauty with Rose Perfume

If you’re looking for a perfume that truly embodies the scent of a rose its truest form, Paul Smith Rose is the fragrance you’ll want. In an act of true love, Paul Smith created this scent for his wife to convey the undying love between a husband and wife. After a spritz, you’ll feel as though you’re ready for your own love story. In addition to rose, this scent is accented with magnolia, violet, and a hint of musk. This light and lovely scent is the perfect scent for Spring and Summer.

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