Inspire Positivity In Your Life And Beyond

Inspire Positivity In Your Life And Beyond

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Tomorrow is the big day! Tomorrow is the election! Many of us cannot wait for the U.S. election to be done and over with.

Personally, I prefer not to discuss politics online! It is unfortunate our election is really bringing out the worst in people.

I believe voting is one’s personal choice. Each person can make their own decision. Allow others to disagree or agree with you. Not everyone will think like you. Not everyone has the same views as you.

On Life is Good’s social channels, fans from each state will be asked what makes their state a positive place to live. By filling out a Facebook survey, Life is Good optimists will demonstrate all the good happening across the country by sharing what they love about their state, like fun facts, local heroes, and favorite foods. Users will share their good moments on social with #GROWtheGood. At the end of the campaign, Life is Good will provide $25,000 in grants ($500 to a participant from each state) to help grow the good in local communities.

The campaign supports the new Life is Good Positive State Collection, an Americana t-shirt line for men and women. The styles include a patriotic palette and inspirational graphics to focus on the good happening in the U.S. The tees are made with 100% USA grown cotton, are garment washed for softness and feature double needle stitching. Like all Life is Good products, the brand donates 10 percent of its annual net profits to help kids in need.

For more information on the campaign, visit Life is Good Positive State and shop the collection.

My husband and I may disagree on who we are voting for during this election, we continue to remain positive overall. We aim to live with a positive outlook on life.

Land of the free shirt

We have a child with Autism. He observes our emotions. If we are stressed, angry, upset or mean, he will pick up on that. We try to be positive and happy with him. Another benefit to being happy and stable with him is to avoid meltdowns and tantrums.

Life seems easier and less stressful when we avoid negative thoughts.

My husband and I love wearing inspiring and positive shirts from Life is Good! The shirts are soft and true to size. Not only that, the shirts are stylish, chic and offer so many designs that will fit your look!

Spread Good Vibes Tee

If everything in your life seems to be going wrong, consider changing your outlook. Think positive. Think about all the good things in your life. I admit, I do get depressed, sad, upset and angry and I hold it all in. Then, I remind myself of what I already have to be thankful for.

We love our newest shirts from Life is Good! They are patriotic and positive! Wearing our shirts will remind us of how proud we are to be Americans.

Land of the free. Home of the brave.

So true.

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