Innovation In Kids Should Be Encouraged

Innovation In Kids Should Be Encouraged
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Winter is fast approaching and it is time to find activities my son will enjoy indoors. We are big advocates of education and learning through play time. If you were to walk into our home it is not laid out with the newest technologies. We have the latest version of things but I have them put away. The first thing my son can see are educational toys. I feel this truly encourages him to play with them first verses electronic devices. Ever heard the saying “outta sight, outta mind”?

Recently we received a Lux Blox kit in the mail. My son is extremely smart and enjoys the challenges of building and architecture.


What are Lux Blox you ask?

Just a nifty building construction set that utilizes innovative technology with nature’s design principles in mind.

With Lux, builders are now free to make structures that curve, bend, and move.  The unique, patent-pending snap and lock hinge system allows you to create structures that flex, twist, and turn, while retaining strength and stability.  

I should take a moment and mention that my son immediately took to this box of awesomeness! He is seven so I was not sure if it would hold his interest. It did for an entire afternoon and continues to as I disassemble creations and he starts new one’s.  The assembly part SUPER easy the disassemble takes time. Because it does take more time I find if I take them apart at night when he is sleeping when he awakes the next morning he will just pick up where he left off!


I know the holidays are around the corner and everyone, including us parents, are looking for the next best thing. I have to say I think this is it! It creates a fun learning environment for your child. These pieces help teach problem solving, use of imagination, innovation and so many other great things all wrapped in one box! I also wanted to let you read the companies motto (manifesto) because it also speaks wonders to this great product!

Lux Manefesto:

We believe that genius can be taught

We believe that training requires the right tools

We believe that play and discovery are inextricably linked

We believe to be successful you must do what others fear

We believe in challenging conventional wisdom

We believe that if you lack inspiration, you are listening to the wrong music

If this does not give you another reason to seriously check them out for your little ones!!

Interested in learning more about them?
Check out them out on their website.

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