If my blog was not being read

If my blog was not being read

Is anyone out there? What if no one ever read my blog or knew that it existed? Would I continue to write? The simple answer is yes! I would still write on my blog. Having a blog allows me to have a voice. In real life, I am shy, an introvert. With my blog, I can really express myself in writing.

I have a personal blog that I used to update all the time. It was a blog meant for my family to read. I would post updates on my son or what is going on with our life. Soon after I started Beauty Brite, I just stopped updating that blog.

As for my blog, yes I would still write. I love writing. It is an outlet for me to express my ideas, thoughts and opinions. Do not get me wrong, I love all of your support! I appreciate all my friends, family, fans, followers and subscribers.

I first started blogging the same year I got married. It gave me a chance to write about our marriage, our life. I wanted a place to record our memories of what happened in our life.

When I first started Beauty Brite, I originally wanted to use it to share DIY beauty recipes and write about natural beauty products. I also saved gift cards to buy more products just so I could write about them on my blog. I started writing about my favorite beauty products I already used and then I found other bloggers who do the same thing. I found bloggers who hosted giveaways and wrote about all types of products. When I started blogging, bloggers really did not work together like they do now. There was no way of talking to other bloggers like there is now. I love that I have made some amazing blogging friends over the years.

Do you blog? What do you write about?

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