I Went Gray For Fashion

I went gray for fashion. Really, I did. Years ago, I bought a few pairs of skinny jeans from a 90s brand at a store that is known for being open 24/7. One of them was a gray pair of jeans. I love them. I love how stylish they are, they go with almost anything! I am also a fan of The Walking Dead and I remember seeing a character wearing gray jeans! It reminded me of my own pair of gray jeans! They were skinny jeans too! Now, it seems most of the female characters on The Walking Dead wear gray jeans! So, I am all for going gray for fashion! Let’s look at gray skinny jeans!

I Went Gray For Fashion
Beauty Brite Disclosure

I recently chose a few pairs of gray skinny jeans that I am so excited to share with you! Are you looking for a comfortable and stylish jeans to add to your wardrobe?  We have a few suggestions for you! 

When it comes to fashion, I don’t keep up with the latest trends. I may be a stay at home mom, I still like to wear nice and great fitting clothes! I prefer clothes that accentuate my body and show off my curves! 

I went gray for fashion!

Petite Abby Skinny Silky Soft in Meteorite

The first pair of jeans come from Liverpool Jeans!

I was really excited but torn when choosing the right size for the Liverpool Petite Abby Skinny Silky Soft in Meteorite. I went back and forth with their “fit predictor” tool on their website. I was told their sizes run big as I normally wear a size 6 (in Petite). Their “fit predictor” suggested size 2 (in Petite). After going back and forth about whether to size up and choose a 4P vs 2P, ultimately, I chose 2P based on their suggestions. The brand would know best, right? 

Petite Abby Skinny Silky Soft in Meteorite upclose

As soon as the Petite Abby Skinny Silky Soft in Meteorite arrived, I quickly tried them on. Unfortunately they are incredibly snug on me. I should have chosen the 4p! I could try to exchange them but I don’t have the time and a printer to print out a shipping label! So, I am stuck with the size 2P jeans. I will keep them on hand and try them on here and there to see if they will fit.

Otherwise, the Petite Abby Skinny Silky Soft in Meteorite are super cute and flattering.

Shadow Black Skinny Jeans

The second pair of jeans come from Revtown!

I chose the Revtown skinny jeans because I’m not a fan of “high rise jeans.” Plus, I love wearing skinny jeans! I have the cutest booties and shoes to wear with them! I also chose their Shadow Black Jeans wash because I have plenty of blue jeans. Black jeans are cute and chic but I have too much fuzz and lint going on with my washer and dryer (I’m upgrading them in a few weeks). 

Shadow Black Skinny Jeans upclose

I used Revtown’s “digital tailor” and they recommended size 27R. Revtown was kind enough to send me a pair of Shadow Black Jeans in both sizes 27R and 28R and I am so glad they did! As any woman knows, ordering clothes online can be such a gamble. I prefer to try on clothes in the store but I always don’t have that option. 

As soon as I received my Revtown Shadow Black Jeans, I tried them both on. I only noticed a slight difference in sizing but I can fit into both of them! They can easily be worn with any style and color top, such as a flannel top! As for shoes, they are pair perfectly with booties, boots, pull-on sneakers, and more! 

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Do you have a favorite denim wash you wear? I am a huge fan of gray skinny jeans. Do you wear skinny jeans?

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  1. I personally love grey, so your choices seem great to me!

  2. Christina Gould says

    These are nice looking jeans. They remind me of Levis. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Dana Rodriguez says

    I like grey also. Those jeans are really cute!

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