How Harry Potter Changed The Way We Read

How Harry Potter Changed the Way We Read

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Who would have ever thought that the story of “The boy who lived” would have become the worldwide phenomenon that it is known as today? The Harry Potter franchise has sold over 400 million copies and continues to sell. As J.K. Rowling continues to dominate the printed and film world.

Harry Potter Madness! 

I remember the first time that I read ” Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone” In middle school for the first time. I remember it resonating so well with me because I was the odd child out. I wanted to be able to escape and use magic and go to this amazing new world of Hogwarts. Growing up you learn of magic from a young age as it is ingrained in so much that we do. From fairytales to Halloween we see so much of the magical world. I remember being so excited when the first Harry Potter movie came out and I couldn’t wait to go see it. I remember standing in line for hours waiting for Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows” when it came out, I was the first one in line. I had that book read in 3 days.  J.K. Rowling has such a way of writing that I have never experienced before. It absolutely draws you in and captivates the readers entirely.  It transports you to the world where you can be free to believe whatever you want, be who you can be. Getting lost in the magic and adventures really helped with my depression in my teenage years and gave me that “out” that I needed.  Sometimes I would get lost in the books for hours. To me, that’s how you know you have an amazing series.

Harry Potter Shirt

I’m so excited that my children are starting to get old enough for me to introduce them to everything Harry Potter related. I have so much fun dressing them in fun little shirts and onesies to show how much of a Fangirl I still am. My oldest is learning to read and I hope that she will love them as much as I have and it will grow her love of reading.

Harry Potter A History Of Magic

Now just for you Pottermore and Audible team up to bring you Harry Potter: A History of Magic” performed by Natalie Dormer (of Game of Thrones and The Hunger Games). This amazing audiobook gives you an amazing peek inside some of the most private writings of J.K. Rowling’s works, clues where her inspiration came from, and an in-depth look into the past and future of magic in our society today.

To get your very own copy, be sure to visit: Audible.

Is the Harry Potter series a hit in your home?



  1. I have all the books, read them all, as has my middle daughter who is a complete fan girl too. I do think its odd that UK and US have different names for the first book, over here it is Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone

  2. I really wish I had time for reading these days! Reading is so beneficial and calming! I will be sure to check out this audio book! We love Harry Potter.

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