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Sunglasses that have a high quality feel with affordable, low prices!

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My vision is not great and I find that it is getting progressively worse every year. I struggle to find eyeglasses and low cost frames that I can afford. Even more difficult, is finding prescription sunglasses that do not cost a fortune.

I also travel a lot and am quite forgetful. So, it’s not uncommon that I leave an expensive pair of glasses behind or lose my sunglasses to the bottom of the ocean. For my sanity’s sake, and my wallet, I opted to try Eyewear Insight for Affordable, Low Cost frames.

Modern and Trendy Frames without the High Price Tag

cheap prescription glasses

The sunglasses I chose were tailored to my every need. The customer service team is available 24/7 by phone or email and stood by, answering any question I had regarding prescriptions and customization.

My prescription sunglasses came in a hard, protective case to prevent damage during shipping. Eyewear Insight provided me with a cleaning kit and a contact card for any questions.

These glasses have already been through some hard times. They’ve been thrown in the bottom of my purse, dropped, and sat on. My prescription sunglasses are still working just fine and look great!

affordable prescription glasses

Each pair is priced so that you can have a pair for every look and any outfit. There is also a feature to take a quiz to see which style would fit you best. I am a big fan of the large rims and retro look and there was PLENTY for me to choose from.

While I do love these glasses and surely do not want to lose them, if they end up scratched from beach sand or lost at the bottom of the sea; my prescription is saved in an online database and re-ordering is a breeze!

Find your favorite look with Eyewear Insight or pop over to my other go-to website for ordering glasses!

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