Get Your Children Excited About Growing Micro-Greens

Get Your Children Excited About Growing Micro-Greens

Get Your Children Excited About Growing Micro-GreensBeauty Brite Disclosure

My daughter is very inquisitive and loves to learn how things grow. She is always asking where plants for flowers come from and sometimes I don’t have the answer – because I’m just not sure! I’ve been wanting to show her some responsibility and grow her ever-expanding mind by us planting vegetables together, but I never knew where to start.

In our area of North Carolina, our ground is mostly hard red dirt and just about the only thing that grows well here is potatoes. If any of you have grown potatoes before, you know it is not a good learning experience for a child because they grow underground!

I also find it hard to grow indoor plants as I have no ounce of green thumb and I never know how often to water flowers.

HAMAMA offers an indoor micro-greens growing kit that is easy for all ages!

hamama greens

In just three steps, you can have homegrown micro-greens for use in salads and as garnish. You also provide your child an opportunity to see a seed grow into a plant in a matter of 7-10 days. HAMAMA has options such as Kale, Spicy Diakon Radish, and a super salad mix!

HAMAMA micro-greens only require one initial watering and then can be left inside until the greens start to grow. This makes it perfect for apartments and dorm rooms as they require little light and can thrive on florescent bulbs! Once you have used all the micro-greens in your seed quilt; simply compost the quilt, rinse the reusable container, and plant another quilt.

seed quilts

My daughter and I tried out the energizing kale seed quilt and just as promised, we had beautiful kale to add to our fruit smoothies in less than 10 days. She was so excited to watch greens grow on our dining room table!

Did you know that micro-greens are actually more flavorful and more nutritious than their full-size counterparts? Up next, we will be trying out the salad mix as I want to incorporate more leafy greens into all of our diets in my household. My four year old gets her picky traits from me, unfortunately, and we could both use more vitamins and minerals. Hopefully, by growing our own micro-greens, we both become more excited about eating healthier.


Want to try all the seed quilts? HAMAMA offers a monthly subscription plan that delivers seed quilts right to your door starting at just $16 per month (plus shipping)!


Seed quilts last within the packaging for up to one year. Once micro-greens have been harvested, store them in a Ziplock bag with a paper towel inside for up to one week.

Pop over to our Customizable Smoothie Bowl article for a great base to sneak these micro-greens into!

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  1. Kansas Bonanno says

    This is seriously adorable! I bet my kids would love doing this, I would watch from afar as I have a black thumb haha.

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