Get Summer Festival Ready

Get Summer Festival Ready

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Summer is just a few short weeks away, and with that comes festival season. Whether you’re into music, food, or art, getting summer festival ready involves more than purchasing your passes. To help you create that signature look, I’m sharing some affordable options for makeup and hair.

Summer Festival Ready Makeup – Profusion Cosmetics

During the warmer months, I’m all about that lightweight, shimmer and glow. One makeup brand that helps me achieve this is cruelty-free Profusion Cosmetics. Established in Southern California, Profusion Cosmetics is all about providing affordable products that are on-trend and inclusive. No matter your skin tone, age or makeup level proficiency, Profusion has something for you.

The brand was kind enough to send me four different palettes/kits to try, including the Strobe & Glow Palette, Pro Face Professional Beauty Book, Eyes & Cheek Palette, Amber Eyes Palette, and Mixed Metals Glam Kit.

Summer Festival Ready Makeup Profusion - Glow & Strobe Palette and Swatches

Of the five palettes/kits, the two that were absolute standouts for me are the Pro Face Professional Beauty Book and Strobe & Glow Palette. What I love most about the Strobe & Glow palette is the diversity of colors. They work for every skin tone and highlighter tastes. I can go bold or create a soft summer festival ready glow with these beautiful shades and Pro Series Brush.

Summer Festival Ready Makeup Profusion - Pro Face Palette & Swatches

My second favorite is the Pro Face Professional Beauty Book. I love that this kit has almost everything I need to create a myriad of summer looks. It’s especially great for getting summer festival ready on the go. All I would need to add to my makeup travel bag is primer, mascara, foundation, concealer, lip choices, and few extra brushes. The shadows, blushes, and bronzers are very blendable and buildable. The highlighters are subtle and the brow products a tad ashy, but still workable.

Summer Festival Ready Makeup Profusion - Eye & Cheek Palette and Swatches

Next up are the Eye & Cheek Palette, Mixed Metals Glam Kit, and Amber Eyes. While the products are nice, they weren’t my favorite. I had the most trouble with the Eye & Cheek Palette and Mixed Metals Glam Kit. The shadows and highlights in the palette aren’t very pigmented and a little hard to blend. The blushes are really nice though. I also wasn’t a huge fan of the brush in the palette. It blended well but didn’t apply product evenly.

Summer Festival Ready Makeup Profusion - Mixed Metals Glam Palette & Swatches

I felt similar about the shadows in the Mixed Metals and Amber palette. I had several issues creating summer festival ready looks I would really love to wear. However, I think if you like soft eye looks, you would really enjoy the Amber Eyes palette. As for the Mixed Metals, I wish the metallics were as shimmery as the lip crème, which delivers an insane metallic payoff.

Summer Festival Ready Makeup Profusion - Amber Eyes Palette and Swatches

Summer Festival Ready Makeup – Tangle Teezer

No summer festival look would be complete without fabulous hair. Whether you choose to unless your inner Bohemian or glam Rockstar, high-performing styling tools are a must. All those braids, updos, and beachy waves can create a mess of tangles. Enter the Tangle Teezer.

This award-winning detangling brush uses a two-tiered teeth system to detangle without causing damage to your hair. The Tangle Teezer comes in a variety of options to suit almost any type of hair or style. I was sent the Original Wet & Dry Brush and the On-The-Go Detangling Brush.

Summer Festival Ready Hair Tangle Teezers - Regular and Travel Size


I use the Original Brush to comb my hair after I wash it. One of my favorite aspects of the Original Tangle Teezer is how it also provides a nice scalp massage. Because I have fine hair, I did have some issues with using it on the top of my head where my hair is a little thinner. I also wish they would create brushes for us lefthanded people. Although the brush is very lightweight, the ergonomic design is more tailored for the righthanded.

Summer Festival Ready Hair - Tangle Teezer Use

Of the two brush styles I received, the On-the-go is my favorite. It’s the perfect size for tossing in your bag to create those summer festival ready looks. Or when you need a give your hair a little extra boost of shine, smoothness or volume.

One of the best features of this brush is the bottom holder. It helps to keep your brush clean and the teeth from getting dirty or bent while in your bag. I also really love the bright patterns. The glitter and flamingos are just fun and unexpected. I know my little nieces would love them.

Summer Festival Ready Makeup Profusion Looks

Connect with Profusion Cosmetics: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Connect with Tangle Teezer: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

How are you getting summer festival ready? What are your favorite festivals?




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  1. Thank you Blythe for this tremendously useful post I shared with my wife and she loves how you have put it all together. The shades you shared are lovely and that hairbrush, can you tell where did you get it from? Thank you

  2. I love those shimmery colors! I need to update my eye shadows. I have make-up in my collection as old as college…and I’m 36. I probably should throw it out.

  3. Geraline Batarra says

    Those are really beautiful and you have a lot of color to choose with and I like that comb its so cute and easy to hold.

  4. Becca Wilson says

    I am loving all the glitter in these. All of these colors are so much fun!

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