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Get More Out Of Your Water with ZeroWater

Get More Out Of Your WaterBeauty Brite Disclosure

Drinking water is something that we all need in life to survive! I personally got so tired of going through cases and cases of water every week. Between myself and my husband drinking it, using filtered water to mix all of our formula for baby bottles, and also having to use it for our dog due to her having prior issues with calcium build up causing kidney stones, I can say that we have spent a lot of time and money on bottled water.

Are you looking to get more out of your water? Let us show you how with ZeroWater!

The ZeroWater water filter allows you to get more out of your water and filters your tap water leaving behind Zero dissolved solids! This water filtration system has not only saved us so much money from purchasing bottled water every single week, it has also saved us in space not having to worry about a place to store all of our water and taking up a majority of our refrigerator space.


By using the ZeroWater water filter we are also saving on the amount of trash that we have therefore we are saving in trash bags and the amount of trash that goes into our landfills.

We have both the 20 cup filter and the 30 cup filter. My husband prefers to drink cold water so we decided to keep the 30 cup filter in the fridge since he goes through more water than anyone in the home. I created a station in my living room where I normally pump breast milk and also make baby bottles that I supplement with.

Water Filtration

I use the 20 cup filter and keep it at my station so that it will be room temperature for making bottles. I also use this to stay hydrated myself while pumping. I love that I can just reach over and refill my water bottle with fresh clean water that tastes great!

Who doesn’t like drinking filtered water?  Whether you prefer cold or room temperature water, consider ZeroWater! Get more out of your water!

ZeroWater water filter is a 5 stage filter that removes all total dissolved solids based on EPA lab testing. These include compounds like minerals, salt, organic compounds that are dissolved in your water. These can cause harmful outcomes to your body such as kidney stones. With the water quality meter that is included in the package, you can measure and see for yourself a 00 reading for these compounds!

ZeroWater allows you to enjoy great tasting filtered water at home!

With August being Water Quality Awareness month I think it is a great time to share with you the importance of drinking clean water and how you can easily take a small step to save your family time and money!

ZeroWater and Filters can be purchased at a variety of retailers including Amazon, Target, Walmart, and Bed Bath and Beyond.

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