Fight Cold Sores this Cold and Flu Season

Fight Cold Sores this Cold and Flu Season

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It’s finally Fall here in the South (North Carolina) and the temperatures are dropping. Once the temps fall below 70 degrees, you can almost guarantee that someone in my house will come down with some kind of illness. This time around, I was the lucky person. In one week, I had tested positive for strep and had a viral cold. I could handle the sore throat, loss of voice, and coughing but what I cannot handle are painful cold sores.

Quantum Health Lip Clear with Lysine+ Knocks out Cold Sores Fast

Unfortunately, my immune system sucks. I work at the local DSS in my area with approximately 230 other people. All the common areas are a breeding ground for germs. I also have a four year old in preschool and we all know how fast germs travel around with children. I try my best to sanitize and get my daily vitamin C but I ALWAYS end up with cold sores when I have strep. According to my doctor, I am a strep carrier and I will likely test positive, even when I have no symptoms.

When painful cold sores show up, I try to knock them out quickly with medicaid lip balms and drug store brand cold sore treatments but nothing would knock the cold sores out quickly; they always seem to linger.

Quantum Health Lip Care Products Include:

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  • Lip Care Lysine Lip Treatment Protectant: Perfect for when the cold and wind make lips dry, cracked, and painful. Also includes Suncreen making it perfect to use prior to sun exposure
  • Lip Clear Lysine+ Cold Sore Treatment: Cuts healing time in half! Provides fast relief of painful and itchy cold sores. Apply every two hours for quick relief of symptoms
  • Lip Clear Invisible Cold Sore Bandage: Protect the cold sore from contamination by placing a small, round bandage over the area. For best results, apply the Lip Clear Lysine+ Cold Sore Treatment one half hour prior to placing the bandage. The cold sore will be treated and protected allowing you to cover it with lip gloss or tinted moisturizer.

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By far, my favorite product is the Cold Sore Bandage. I was able to apply cold sore treatment and then place a bandage over the area and apply my liquid lipstick as usual. Normally, with cold sores, I have the urge to constantly touch it and I fear that people are focused on it while talking to me. With the bandage, I am able to put my fears aside and know that it is covered and unseen.


What products are you using to protect your home from the cold and flu seasons? Need some recommendations? Check out what we love for natural and alternative treatments.



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