Essential Daily Products

Essential Daily Products

If you haven’t tried Palmer’s and Baby Magic products, you really have no idea what you’re missing. My love for Palmer’s products started when I was pregnant with my son. A close friend of mine raved about Palmer’s, swearing that their cocoa butter products protected her skin from stretch marks and kept skin supple.

I took her advice and used Palmer’s cream for preventing stretch marks throughout my pregnancy. I used it religiously and it helped greatly. After that, I became a firm believer in their products and have loved them ever since.

I’ve used Baby Magic products from the time my son was a newborn to kindergarten! I still love the way Baby Magic products work wonders for his dry, itchy skin. Sometimes, I even like to use their oils on myself!

Essential Daily Products

Baby Magic Sweet Baby Rose Creamy Baby Oil has become one of my favorite products that I actually use on myself! I can’t get enough of this graceful, floral fragrance! I love the way this product blends into my skin, leaving it hydrated and never greasy. I always throw this into my gym bag, it makes a great substitution for body lotion and hand cream. It blends perfectly with all of my perfumes and always makes me feel soft and feminine.

I became a die hard fan of Palmer’s Bottom Butter when my son was a baby. This stuff is the best for angry, bright red diaper rashes. He’s outgrown his need for this product now, but I recommend this to all my new mom friends. It has become an essential gift for every baby shower I attend! The cocoa butter formula with vitamins A and B5 is incredibly soothing and has a nice fragrance to it. Without fail, my son’s diaper rashes always disappeared whenever I’d use Bottom Butter.

Essential Daily Products

Palmer’s Manuka Flower Honey Leave-In Conditioner is the perfect treatment for dry, winter hair. My whole family has really enjoyed this product! It is a great leave-in treatment for my son’s unruly curls; it makes them soft and manageable. My husband has started to grow out his hair and swears by this stuff; it makes his hair soft and easy to brush. For my chemically processed hair, this a great treat for my brittle, dry tresses. It makes my hair feel soft and healthy again every time I use it! Spray it in, style, and go.

My hair color is a lot like my mood- always changing! Unfortunately, my love affair with hair dye and bleach has created a lot of havoc for my hair. The cold, winter air only adds to the brutality, making it feel lifeless and dull.

Palmer’s Coconut Protein Pack has been an asset in bringing my hair back to life.  I apply this mask to damp hair, leave in for 20-30 minutes, and rinse. For added benefits, I will apply the mask, put on a shower cap, and leave it on overnight. This is an affordable, essential treatment for anyone who chemically treats their hair. Your hair will thank you for it!

Palmer’s and Baby Magic are great products that the entire family can use to fit their needs. They are trusted and have been used in households for years. What are some of your favorite products by Palmer’s and Baby Magic?

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