Encourage Imagination With Props

Encourage Imagination With Props - Props in a box Pirate


This year my son wanted to throw a Pirate-themed birthday party. He has always been into fantasy, make-believe and dressing up in costumes. I have always encouraged a healthy imagination because it helps fuel his love of reading as a result! We shopped around for fun props we could use for a party and came across Props in a Box™ while in Toys R Us! I was rather excited to see boxes already together and ready for children’s play!

Props in a box

Props In a Box™ come in 4 adorable sets: The Princess & The Chef, The Dino & The Pirate, The Doctor & The Farmer and The Fisherman & The Astronaut. We were rather intrigued by the Dino & pirate since this fit his overall theme! Each set contains between 11 to 15 felt pieces that children can run around and play with safely. Our particular box came with: Telescope, Pirate hat, Captain Hook, Bag of gold pieces, Sword, Dino hat, Dino tail, two Dino claws and full-length cloth artwork to hang for your imaginative movie.

Props In a Box Pirate & Dino

Using the Movie Maker app (found in the Apple App Store and on Google Play), which features Story Starters, kids can direct their own feature film. You can customize their creation with special effects and fun personalized credits! Then, with one click of a button they can save their memories and share on social media with family and friends. I love this feature because every day can be a fun creative day and no “movie” creation will be the same.

Props in a Box

I have to say I am rather impressed with these high-quality props. This is such a great addition to any imaginary story teller’s home. My son has so much fun with his friends when they come over and take to different characters. I also enjoy the characters paired together in each box set as they would not generally be in real life. It truly sends you on an adventure of exploration and imagination on what it would be like if they were at the same area and in the same time period!

If you would like to enjoy Props in a Box™ check them out at Target.

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  1. stacy m creed says

    how neat!!

  2. Wendy says

    This looks awesome!

  3. Love it. Will have to pick up a few of these next time I visit my nieces and nephew.

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