Easter Crafts And My Go-To Chocolate Favorites

Easter Crafts And My Go-To Chocolate FavoritesBeauty Brite Disclosure

Ever since I was a child I have always looked forward to holidays of all kinds, especially the ones that involve candy. Easter has always been a much-loved day in our home, I remember my mother buying my sisters and I matching dresses and going to Easter Egg hunts at church as a child. And waking up to our Easter baskets was always very much anticipated as we were always eager to see what the Easter Bunny had left for us!

All my life, Hershey’s chocolate has been a huge part of all of the major holidays for my family. It’s no different now that I’m a parent myself, Hershey’s is the most prevalent candy I utilize to celebrate every holiday that we love. My kids’ favorite has always been Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

I recall that as a child my brother, sisters and I had these tall Easter Bunny Baskets that we loved. They must have been handmade by my mother from some gallon jug of some sort (because it had a handle on the bunny’s back) and it had the cutest bunny face and these really tall ears on it. I wish I had a picture of it to share, because they were so cute!

Hershey's Chocolate Easter Candy

Here are just a few of Hershey’s chocolate candy offerings. I’m most excited this year about the new Carrot Cake Hershey Kisses! They are a delightful shade of orange and are delicious. I mean, it’s Hershey’s, have you ever had a Hershey’s candy that wasn’t scrumptious?

I saw a recipe online somewhere that was pretty simple that I’d like to try with the Hershey’s Carrot Cake Kisses. It’s just a simple sugar cookie recipe. You make the sugar cookies and then use a spoon to make an indention in the top of the cookies as soon as they come out of the oven. Then you put a large marshmallow on top of each cookie and bake a little longer to get it to a slightly melty stage. Then, you just unwrap the Hershey’s Kisses and push one into the marshmallow of each cookie. I think the next step was to dip the whole top into melted chocolate, but you could skip that step and just add some sprinkles or colored sugar to the melted marshmallow and that would be great, too.

I’ve got to find that recipe. I’m sure I saved it on my FB page. If I get time to make them, of course I will share it with all of you!

Hershey's Chocolate Cadbury Mini Eggs Candy

My personal favorite are Hershey’s Cadbury Mini Eggs. As soon as I see these first hit the retail store shelves every year, I have to grab a bag and indulge myself. I love the crunchy candy shell and the melt-in-your-mouth chocolate inside. I used to have these all to myself, but now my kids look forward to them, too. Guess I’m gonna have to start buying two bags, one for me and one for them!

Hershey's Chocolate Easter Candy

Every year I aim to put different kinds of goodies into my kids’ Easter Baskets. Yearly staples are the Bubble Gum Egg Cartons and chocolate bunnies you see here. And of course there is always an assortment of favorite Hershey candy. But, this year I also found these really neat Emoji cups, Easter Bunny bubble wands and paddle ball toys that I think they will enjoy.

When it comes to the smaller candies, I like to present them in a little bag of some sort rather than just throw them in the basket among the fancifully colored paper grass because they tend to sift down to the bottom of the basket. Sometimes I buy Easter-themed treat bags to hold these small candies, but this year we’ve been pretty busy with other things so I’m just going to use a simple technique with ziploc bags, kitchen twine and self-adhesive foam stickers to make these treat bags.

It’s really fast and easy to make these, you just use scissors to cut off the top of the ziploc bag (the part where you crimp to close it). Fill the bag with the candy of your choice, tie it closed with kitchen twine twisted into a simple bow, and apply a cute little foam sticker. These are so fast and easy to do and look a lot better than a bunch of ziploc bags in your child’s basket.

Hershey's Chocolate Easter Candy

Normally, I have a set of Easter baskets that I use for my kids. They are really prettily decorated and each one has a little plaque hanging from it with the first letter of their names. But, this year I saw these felt baskets and just couldn’t resist. They are so unique with the blades of grass sticking up, the adorable little picket fence, and look at the little face on that bunny rabbit!!! Who could resist that?

Hershey's Chocolate Easter Candy

So, here are how the baskets turned out. I put a little paper Easter grass in them, and arrange the various goodies, mostly Hershey’s chocolate candies as usual. We can’t help it, we’re all chocoholics at my house. Here’s a top view of the baskets (below) so you can see a little better what’s in there.

Hershey's Chocolate Easter Candy

You don’t have to go to the store and buy an Easter basket, though. You can make a super easy Bunny Treat Paper Bag with just a few simple items that you probably have on hand already. I made some cute little bags with regular old lunch sacks, construction paper, glue and any kind of Easter or spring-themed stickers you like.

Easter Bunny Paper Bag Craft Supplies

I used some of the same self-adhesive foam stickers that I used on my ziploc treat bags. Although, I noticed as I was writing this that apparently I took the picture before adding the stickers. Oops!

Easter Bunny Paper Bag Craft Activity

I didn’t follow any instructions for this simple craft activity. I totally winged it. I cut the face shapes, nose shapes and the two pieces for the ears out of construction paper. I used that handy hole punch tool to cut the little white circles that are in the eyes of the bunny. (I can’t seem to do anything without the cats’ input, so meet my little helper, Elle! I guess she thought I needed to use more construction paper and was helping to select a color.)

First, I cut off the top portion of the bag to make it shorter, this is totally optional. In addition to the regular brown paper lunch sack, I found a cute pink one that I had lying around the house so I decided to use it simply for variety.

For the face, I drew the eyes, mouth, and whiskers on with a mega-tipped Sharpie marker and then simply glued the white circles into the eyes and glued the heart-shaped nose onto the face.

Glue the smaller inner-ear shape onto the larger ear shape and then glue the finished piece onto the back of the bag. And then glue the bunny face onto the front of the bag with the top of the head protruding just a little bit above the top. I think I spent about 15-20 minutes making these two bags. You could further decorate them with stickers, glitter, or write “Happy Easter” on them.

You can get really creative and use so many different materials for this craft. It would be a really easy and fun activity to do with children, too, if they want to make their own or if you need to make them to give away to classmates, children in Sunday School classes, or neighbors, nieces or nephews. Just throw a little paper Easter grass inside them, top that off with a candies, small toys, or homemade Easter cookies and you’re all set!

Easter Themed Home Decoration Items

No holiday is complete without home decor to add to the festive feeling of the season. New Easter items in my home this year are this pretty pink taper candle that my mother-in-law passed down to me. I found the Traditions by Waverly Scented Candles and this whimsical wooden Easter plaque at the local dollar store.

Traditions by Waverly Scented Candles

These candles smell so good. I’m a sucker for outdoor and fresh scents, so the Waterfall Mist is my favorite of the two, but they both smell great!

Unlike how I decorate for Easter, which varies from year to year, Hershey’s chocolate candies are always a major part of the celebration. It just wouldn’t be a holiday without them! If you’re looking for celebration inspiration, check out the Celebrate With Hershey’s page for some really fun and easy ideas and recipes! Or check out their YouTube or Pinterest pages for inspiration and videos like this one for Cadbury Eggs Lava Cakes. Delicious!


What are your Easter traditions? Which Hershey’s chocolate candies are staples in your home, and what inventive ways do you use them to celebrate holidays?


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  1. Darcy Koch says

    Looking at all this candy makes my mouth water. However, due to my digestive system it doesn’t like me. Great craft ideas.

  2. Natalie says

    My favorite is the Reeses eggs!!

  3. I love Hershey’s and that cake looks amazing!

  4. Kelly Kimmell says

    I will have to keep these in mind for next Easter.

  5. I am currently on a diet and 5 pounds from my goal, so there were no peanut butter cups for me this year. The carrot cake kisses sound so yummy, but my favorite Hershey Kisses are the coconut ones that only come out at certain times of the year. Once I hit my goal weight my first splurge is a Hershey peanut butter cup. Funny little fyi about Hershey everyone knows that their headquarters are in Pennsylvania, but there is a factory in a little town called Robinson, Il. (where I just moved from two years ago) it was the original home of the Heath toffee bar, but Hershey bought out the company. Hershey is such a give back kind of company. they do a lot for charities no one knows about. All of our kids would look forward to our fall festival when Hershey was the main attractions and believe me they were more than generous with their throws of Paydays, Whoopers, and Skor bars. I kid you not when I tell you some days you would wake up and smell chocolate, not such a bad way to wake up.

  6. Suzanne Leavitt says

    Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate. sweet

  7. Trudy says

    Thanks for the great ideas.

  8. Hannah C says

    The cadbury eggs lava cakes look so delicious! I love chocolate!

  9. I love Hersheys brand. I love there original chocolate bars.

  10. Michelle s says

    Hershey brand is one that you can rely on; I’m a major Reeses addict and is our go-to candy as well.

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