Cruelty-Free Luxury Skincare Brands You Must Try

If I wasn’t a blogger, I doubt I would have discovered cruelty-free beauty products. Instead, I would be buying the brands you find at the store that were affordable and not even look at labels. That is why I feel compelled to encourage our readers to choose cruelty-free beauty products. As a consumer, we have a choice. We share cruelty-free luxury skincare that is affordable! 

Cruelty-Free Luxury Skincare Brands You Must Try
Beauty Brite Disclosure

You have a choice. Look for the leaping bunny logo, cruelty-free, natural, vegan, etc. When it came time to buy deodorant for my son, I originally bought him some from a discount store. When I brought it home and looked at everything I had to buy for his class, I realized I need to switch him to natural products too! I no longer worry because I have him using a natural deodorant too!

I do my best to purchase natural products as much as my budget allows. We gathered a few products that will make you feel like a queen and pamper your skin at home! 

We are all busy moms, take a moment for yourself with cruelty-free luxury skincare! I consider these products affordable in that you don’t have to use gobs and gobs of product for each use! 

Youthful products

I am obsessed with face masks! I chose the Wild Açaí Canna Cream, Wild Superfood Multi-Tasking Cleanser, and Red Kaolin Clay Mask to try!

Wild Superfood Multi-Tasking Cleanser

These products arrived just before the weekend, so I ended a long week with pampering my skin with all three! First, I cleansed my skin with the Wild Superfood Multi-Tasking Cleanser. This is actually perfect to use from head-to-toe if you so choose! It smells so good and doesn’t dry out my skin! The cleanser offers a thorough clean!

Red Kaolin Clay Mask

I love masks! I chose the Red Kaolin Clay Mask. Normally I wouldn’t choose a mask product that I have to mix myself. Seriously, I dislike having to mix my own face mask! It just seems like a hassle. However, this one, I really wanted to try! The powder is easy to mix. I just grab a small scoop in the palm of my hand and mix a bit of water and apply. I left on for 10 to 15 minutes and then rinsed! 

Seriously, the best and most gentle mask for my skin! The first time I used it, I actually left it on longer than I had anticipated because my son needed my help with something. The mask didn’t irritate or dry out my skin! 

My skin felt so soft and smooth without the dry feeling! 

Wild Açaí Canna Cream

I have so many creams in my rotation of beauty products. However, the Wild Açaí Canna Cream with 200mg Full Spectrum CBD is different. It’s very thick in the jar, so you only need a small dab. Gently work into your skin and if you need more, add another dab! I like treating my skin at the end of the day with the Wild Açaí Canna Cream

Boost Collagen 

I am so excited to share The Original Cinnamon Face Scrub and The Original Cinnamon Face Mask. I’ve never tried cinnamon skincare, so I was looking forward to trying! 

The Original Cinnamon Face Scrub

The Original Cinnamon Face Scrub is surprisingly gentle on my skin. This is perfect for that cold winter weather when my skin tends to dry out! I use a gentle touch when applying the face scrub! 

I think follow up with the face mask! 

The Original Cinnamon Face Mask

I just love The Original Cinnamon Face Mask! It leaves my skin feeling so renewed and smooth! 

Please be aware if you have your eyebrows done via microblading or ombre powder brows, 

The Original Cinnamon Face Mask contains lactic acid which is one of the ingredients to avoid. I will still continue to use The Original Cinnamon Face Mask, however, I am extra careful not to apply the face mask on my brows! 

Don’t let that one ingredient keep you from trying The Original Cinnamon Face Mask! I use a thin layer on my face and allow 10 to 15 minutes before rinsing! 

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