Control Kitchen Chaos With These Easy Steps

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Many of us refer to the kitchen as the heart of the home. Where all our meals are made, conversations had, and memories created. Yet it is probably the most chaotic and unorganized space that is used daily. No matter what size kitchen you own, there are ways to control the clutter and create that inviting oasis you always dreamed of.


Before you take that dive into kitchen organization, take a moment to purge.

First, toss any broken items and donate duplicates and unused products. This will help clear up precious real estate in your kitchen for your new plan. If you find your kitchen is the ‘hub’ to drop off everything and anything that is non-kitchen related, it’s time to create a ‘drop zone’ or ‘command center’. This will help reduce the amount of clutter in your kitchen and have a home for your daily used items such as car keys and sunglasses. Your goal is to maximize space to create an organized and fluid kitchen. Not only does this allow you to save money and time, but the ability to work efficiently.

Drawer Organizers are great for keeping items visible and neat.

Make a PLAN

Next, think about your family’s day to day needs. Begin creating a system that your family can follow and one that you feel is beneficiary for day to day living. When thinking about maximizing space, go vertical and use cabinet doors for extra storage. Keep in mind that you want to keep all like items together and the ability to access them easily. Write out or draw your ideas in order to help visualize how you want your kitchen to function and flow.

Add command hooks for more storage.


Now you’re ready to dive in! Once you completed your purge, it will be easier to create ‘zones’ throughout. Some helpful hints are keeping your spices near your stove, creating a baking cabinet, or a Tupperware drawer near your fridge. Once you have your ideas, it’s time to clear out your cabinets. It’s advisable to do this in sections so you are not overwhelmed. Once everything is cleaned,  you can finally begin placing all like items in their new ‘homes’. Products such as command hooks, cabinet shelves, and over-the-door baskets can be a great aid when maximizing space.

Airtight containers keep your food fresh while keeping your shelves organized.


Start with emptying your entire pantry.  Next, clean your shelves and line them if needed. Then, organize all your goods by categories. This is a perfect opportunity to create your shopping list as to what organizational items are needed. Be sure to measure your shelves and be aware of your spending budget. You can find great organizational items from your local Dollar Store, upcycle items from around your home or splurge on aesthetically pleasing organizers.

Finally, once you have your plan and organizers, it’s time to decant. Decanting helps get rid of bulky packaging and keep an eye on goods that are running low. If the item you are decanting has special instructions, its advisable to cut out it out tape them on. Don’t forget to put the expiration date on your containers! 

Label containers and add instructions if needed.


This can be a lengthy process and considered a lifestyle change that everyone in your family can get on board. If you are easily overwhelmed, start small. Work on certain areas in your kitchen that need the most work. This will encourage your family and help them adapt to the new changes that are occurring in your kitchen. Best of luck and happy organizing!

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What tricks do you use to keep your Kitchen Chaos free?


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