Walgreens 1/31

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve gone to Walgreens and I am so excited to share my latest savings with coupons! I had to purchase the Lil Critters Gummy Vites for my son as we are almost out and he will be upset if he sees we are out!

Here is what I bought: 
Charmin Basic (6 rolls) ~ $2.99 Sale + $0.25 manufacturer coupon
Total: $2.74
Palmolive (10 oz) ~ $1.29 Sale + $0.25 manufacturer coupon
Total: $1.04
Bounty Paper Towels (121 sheets) 2 Rolls ~ $3 total + $0.50manufacturer coupon (2 – $.025 coupons)
Total: $2.50 for 2 Rolls
Cottonelle (12 Rolls) ~ $5 + $1 Walgreens coupon + $0.50manufacturer coupon
Total: $3.50
St. Joseph Aspirin (36 ct) ~ $2 Sale
Total: FREE *Earned $2 Register Rewards
Lil Critters Gummy Vites ~ $6.99
Total: $6.99
Total Savings $7.27

Walgreens and Express Scripts Dispute

This post brought to you by Walgreens. All opinions are 100% mine.

If you haven’t heard already, Walgreens and Express Scripts tried to negotiate a new contract to continue as part of it’s pharmacy provider network.  Unfortunately, the negotiations were unsuccessful, and the contract expired on December 31st.  As a result, Walgreens is no longer part of Express Scripts’ pharmacy provider network as of January 1, 2012.  This includes all Walgreens pharmacies nationwide and Duane Read pharmacies in the New York City area.

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Walgreens 9/15

Shortly after I put my son on the school bus, I went to Walgreens. Our son brought home a cold last Friday and now my husband is sick. I felt really bad that my husband couldn’t fall asleep last night because of his symptoms (we didn’t have any cold & cough medicine). My goal was to get some cold & cough medicine that Walgreens has advertised! We do need to have these type of medicines on hand, especially with our son back in school!

I also wanted to go back to Walgreens to get some toothpaste that was advertise at a really great price! I bought a few other things and used my $6 in Register Rewards that I earned earlier this week!

Here is what I bought:

Colgate Optic White Toothpaste (4 oz) ~ $3.99 – $1.50 manufacturer coupon
Total: $0.49 with $2 in Register Rewards towards next purchase

DayQuil & NyQuil ~ 2/$12
Total: 2/$9 with $3 in Register Rewards towards next purchase

Walgreens Trip 8/15

I didn’t buy the Sunday paper two Sundays ago, nor did I go to Walgreens last week!  I just wasn’t in the mood to coupon, plus it’s hard without any income coming in.  I did, however, buy the Sunday paper yesterday and found some great deals at Walgreens!  I can only buy a few things at each trip because I walk to Walgreens and I bring a reusable shopping bag to carry my things home. 

I am slowly working on my son’s back school supply list.  I am going to buy a little at a time as I don’t consider them a necessity.  If I am unable to purchase everything on the list, I plan on asking the teacher for help (for the low income families).  I bought the “one zip bags” because they were on his school supply list and we also need more.  I also bought Walgreens diapers but I paid regular price for them. 

Here is what I bought:

Hefty One Zip Bags ~ 2/$3.29 (BOGO) – $1 manufacturer coupon
Total: $2.29

Walgreens Aluminum Foil ~ $0.79 on sale
Total: $0.79

Cottonelle (12 rolls) ~ $5 – $1 Walgreens coupon – $0.75 manufacturer coupon
Total: $3.25

Total: $6.33

Walgreens Trip 7/28

I just got back from Walgreens and it’s the second time going this week! I think I am a little addicted to saving money with coupons and sales at Walgreens! Although, my excuse for going today was that I needed to pick up a prescription! Plus, I was able to take my son for a walk, so we both got some fresh hot air! By the time I got back, I was dripping in sweat, which happens to be the second time today (I worked out this morning).

Huggies ~ on sale for $8.99
Total: $8.99

Arizona Green Tea ~ $0.99 each.  Used Walgreens coupon 2/$1
Total: $1

Pantene Conditioner ~ $4.99  Used a coupon from Pantene
Total: FREE

Finesse Shampoo and Conditioner (BOGO FREE) ~ $3.99 for both*
Total: $1.99 after $2 Finesse rebate

Scunci No Damage Hair Elastics ~ 2/$3
Total: FREE with $3 in Register Rewards towards next purchase

(Not pictured)
Walgreens brand Wet Cleaning Clothes (for the Swiffer) (BOGO FREE) ~ $3.99

Total Savings: $18.95

Walgreens Trip 7/23

Hey everyone!  This is my second trip this week to Walgreens, before the new coupons and ad come out.  I enjoy going to Walgreens since it’s only 2 blocks away and I can walk there with my son.  The only thing I don’t like is that it’s so hot, so I try to go in the morning time.

I wanted to also pick up some Q-Tips that were on sale, but of course they don’t have them in stock!

Here are my goodies:

Viva paper towels ~ $5.99 – $1 in store coupon – $0.40 manufacturers coupon
Total: $4.49 for 6 rolls. 

L’il Critters Vitamins (Buy 1 Get 1 50% off) ~ $6.99 + $3.49
Total: $10.48 for both

Dawn Dish Liquid (10.3 oz) ~ $1.19 – $0.20 in store coupon – $0.25 manufacturers coupon
Total: $0.74

I used $2 in Register Rewards

My total savings $9.15

My total $14.99

Using Coupons To Save Money

Coupons are a great way for saving some bucks, come with a variety of discounts, and can also ease your shopping experience. Seeking out coupons and applying them while shopping online is the best route if you want to maximize your savings dollar.

Using Coupons To Save Money

When it comes to using coupons, it is best to browse for the right coupon that you think will suit your purchase. For instance, if you need a new pair of shoes, some websites offer shoe-specific coupons and these often yield great and huge discounts and savings. If you shop online, remember to always ask for available coupon codes or discount codes so that you can enjoy and maximize your purchase and save big bucks at the same time. Never buy anything without checking for coupon discounts as this will be a waste of money.

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Walgreens Trip 7/3

Hey everyone!  I am so excited, I just got back from Walgreens and wanted to share my savings.  I bought the Sunday paper unsure if there were coupons and found that there were (I checked before I bought the paper).  I had read [on other blogs] that there weren’t going to be any coupons due to the holiday weekend.

After going through my Walgreens ad, I found a few things I had coupons for!  Since I am a newbie at couponing, I am only focusing on Walgreens since it’s only 2 blocks from where we live. 

Here is what I bought: 

Notice the little hand in the bottom right hand corner?  That’s my 5 year old son’s hand.  He really wanted the candy! 

Here is my receipt:

I bought every thing “on sale” except the Pam cooking spray.  I also bought vegetable oil, which was on sale.  Those were the only two items I didn’t have a coupon for, but really needed.  The cashier was rude to me, and I am sure she didn’t like when I handed her so many coupons and I paid for a portion of my things with food stamps.

As you can see, my total savings was $21.73.  My total savings includes the store sales and my coupons!

I earned $1 in Register Rewards.  There are a few other things I need, so I will be making another trip later this week.