Beauty and the Beast The 25th Anniversary Edition

Beauty and the Beast The 25th Anniversary EditionBeauty Brite Disclosure

I remember the first time I watched Beauty and the Beast. It was in the early 90s and my parents let us rent a few movies for the weekend. I chose Beauty and the Beast and I believe my brother chose a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movie. Since we had the movies for the whole weekend, I remember watching Beauty and the Beast several times!

Looking back, I believe we bought the movie a few years later and eventually bought the soundtrack. I loved listening to the songs over and over.

Beauty and the Beast The 25th Anniversary Edition joins the Walt Disney Signature Collection on September 6 on Digital HD and Disney Movies Anywhere. On September 20th, the movie will be available on Blu-rayâ„¢ and DVD.

 Beauty and the Beast The 25th Anniversary Edition DVDs

Walt Disney Pictures’ magical animated classic “Beauty and the Beast†captures the magical journey of Belle (voice of Paige O’Hara), an independent and intelligent, modern-day heroine who’s taken prisoner by a hideous beast (voice of Robby Benson) in his castle. Despite her precarious situation, Belle befriends the castle’s enchanted staff—a teapot, a candelabra and a mantel clock, among others—and ultimately learns to see beneath the Beast’s exterior to discover the heart and soul of a prince.

Even though I do not have a daughter, I am still thrilled to own the Beauty and the Beast The 25th Anniversary Edition! I plan on watching the movie as much as I can.

Watching Beauty and the Beast as an adult is so much different. Even as a child, I could relate to Belle because she loves to read. At the time, I loved reading Nancy Drew books. Every book I could get my hands on, I read. My mom bought me most of the series of books, if not all of them.

These days, I don’t read as much as I want to. I feel so busy with life, family, my blogs, etc that I am super picky about what books I read.

Belle is not even smitten by Gaston, even though every other single woman is. As a child, I disliked Gaston and even as an adult, I wouldn’t be able to stand a man like Gaston in real life. He may be “handsome looking†but I find his personality to be unattractive.

 Beauty and the Beast The 25th Anniversary Edition Cover

Belle is viewed as peculiar because she loves to read so much, yet no one takes the time to get to know her. She isn’t like “everyone else†in the village. When Belle meets the castle’s staff and even the Beast, she finds a place where everyone is different. She finds a place where your differences make you unique.

Belle and the Beast fall in love despite their situation. With help from his staff, the Beast learns how to treat people. He was a spoiled prince before he was turned into a Beast and he still acted a bit spoiled when we meets Belle.

The music is memorable and I still sing along when I watch the movie. Belle finds love, the Beast discovers his human side and they learn to love together.

You can purchase Beauty and the Beast The 25th Anniversary Edition at Target, Amazon, Disney Store and Best Buy.

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  1. This is one of my all time favorite Disney movies. Even though I already have it on DVD, I might need to get a new copy.

  2. This is one of my favorite Disney movies. I love the music and the story.

  3. One of my faves! My daughter watched it over and over when she was little. We went to Disney World where she got to “meet” Belle and have a picture with her at a themed dinner in the park. So awesome! 🙂

  4. Nancy Burgess says

    I love Beauty and the Beast.I want to get this new one.

  5. Stacy Bennett says

    I love Beauty and the Beast! Belle is so beautiful and the music is great!

  6. This is my favorite movie <3

  7. I don’t know about the video. I do love the Stevie Nicks song beauty and the beast.

  8. Nancy Burgess says

    I love Beauty and the Beast I’ll get this new one.

  9. It is definitely in the top ten of movies called “Beauty and the Beast”!

  10. At least this fairy tail is a bit different. I’m so sick of the poor girl waiting on her prince to come and give meaning to her life.

  11. Paula Adams says

    Beauty & the Beast is a charming fairy tale for children. Looking forward to introducing it to the 2-year-old in our family who loves fairies!

  12. One of my favorite Disney movies ever,great story

  13. Paula Adams says

    I am slowly collecting the various Disney Children’s Classics for the toddlers in our family. Beauty & the Beast was always one of my favorites!

  14. Katie Bellamy says

    Beauty & the Beast is (and always will be) my favorite Disney movie.I still can sing the songs! 🙂

  15. Paula Adams says

    I’ve always like one of the messages of Beauty & The Beast regarding inner beauty vs. outer beauty. Very relevant today given our societal problems with bullying.

  16. Beauty and the beast is a great classic tale.

  17. Beauty and the Beast is one of my all time favorite fairy tales. I have recently been introducing classic princesses to my two nieces and they always enjoy it just as much as I did when I was little.

  18. Paula Adams says

    Disney has so many great classics. Beauty & the Beast is so enchanting, always a favorite!

  19. I remember taking my kids to see the Beauty and the Beast in the early 90s. It is one of my favorite classic children’s movies. thanks

  20. This is my favorite Disney movie! Having two boys I have mostly superhero dvds. I’d love a copy of this!

  21. Loved this movie! So adorable.

  22. One if the cutest Disney movies ever

  23. This is a great movie, thank you for this awesome review!

  24. My youngest granddaughter has never seen this,id love to get it for her.

  25. I hadn’t realized that Beauty and the Beast were 25 years old! That’s awesome. I love the movie and used to sing along with it when I was younger

  26. Great movie and a great time of year to stash this away for Christmas!

  27. Angela Reed-Warren says

    One of my favorite movies

  28. Jennifer M. says

    My absolute favorite Disney movie!

  29. patty.wright says

    I would love to enter for my grandaughter for Christmas

  30. My granddaughter loves this movie,be great to have this so we could watch together

  31. Such a great time of year to be putting this out ,can save it for a gift or put it on when the kiddos come

  32. I loved Beauty and the beast myself. My daughter was a little too old for the movie but she watched it and liked it. I will buy it so my great grand daughter can enjoy it too.

  33. A Disney all time family favorite !

  34. This is my all-time favorite Disney movie! I love when Beast presents her with the library – the best part in my opinion.

  35. This is one of my favorite Disney movies.

  36. We love this movie! We do girls night in and watch it .

  37. Karen Dietrich says

    I have a friend who is really into Beauty and the Beast. I’m sure she’ll love this.

  38. My daughter loved this movie growing up and now she has a 3 year old grand daughter who will enjoy it too.

  39. I have all boys so we don’t get many princess or girly movies to watch here, but this is one of my favorites.

  40. I love Belle.

  41. Such an awesome family movie ! Everyone enjoys watching

  42. i have not seen it and the orginal was great

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