Add My Audio Pets To Your Must Have Accessory List

Add MY Audio Pets to Your Must Have Accessory List

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I feel like every day we see a new must-have tech item added to the market, that is specifically targeted towards children. The problem is differentiating which of these products are flops and which ones are worth the money to purchase them AND our children use them for more than 20 minutes. My Audio Pets have been a huge hit with my three oldest children and with their new Hide & Speak App, My Audio Pet transforms from just a regular speaker to an actual game for your child to play! Pair My Audio Pet up with Hans Swipe to keep your child’s device screen clean/sanitized and Helix Towels as a comfortable place for them to lay outside to enjoy the weather, and you have a match made in heaven!

What are My Audio Pets?

My Audio Pets

My Audio Pets are wireless speakers that come in 17 different animal designs. My Audio Pets easily connect via Bluetooth to any device with Bluetooth connectivity and include a 500 mAh battery. I have to admit, the Audio Pets I received are going on 2 weeks of no charge with usage of 1-2 hours per day, so the battery lasts quite a while!  My Audio Pets in the image above include: UniChord TWS, Classical Cat, and Sonar Sonata.

My Audio Pets also come with

  • Built-In Mic
  • Selfie Remote Capabilities
  • A Lanyard that attaches for easy portability
  • 24″ Charging Cable
  • Hide and Seek App available through Itunes or Google Play

I have to admit that even with my oldest children being 3 and 4 years old, they have had a blast with these audio pets! They especially love the hide and seek app, which took a few minutes to explain but then they were set from there! We also love to take the speakers on our evening walks around the neighborhood or even to listen to read aloud books during our daily story time. If we can find this much use out of My Audio Pets for a 3 and 4-year-old, imagine the fun your own child(ren) will have. Christmas is just around the corner and My Audio Pets would make an excellent stocking stuffer.

My Audio Pets can be found on Amazon and My Audio Pets website.

Hans Swipe

Because My Audio Pets require a device in which you can connect them to and they are portable it can be assumed you will pair it with a tablet or a phone. Let Hans Swipe help with the task of keeping the screen clean as well as sanitized. In fact, let Hans Swipe help keep all of your handheld device screens clean with the use of their dual-sided all in one cleaner.

On one side you will find a pre-moistened anti-microbial cleaning cloth and on the opposite side, you will find an antimicrobial polishing cloth. The best part is that Hans Swipes can be refilled and used time and time again which makes them well worth the investment. Give a swipe with the cleansing side, a swipe with the polishing side, and you are well on your way with a clean, sanitized screen.

My children couldn’t care less about clean screens on their mobile devices but I am a little bit OCD when it comes to keeping my screen clean. As long as your child doesn’t still put items in their mouths, Hans Swipe is extremely easy to use with a little guidance the first few times. I can tell my kids to clean their screens and they know exactly what to do. Not perfect due to their ages BUT I can appreciate how versatile Hans Swipes are for multiple age groups.

Hans-Swipe can currently be ordered through Hans website in the colors black/white, as well as replacement cleaning solution, and replacement cloths for your Hans-Swipe. You may also order through Amazon.

My Audio Pets and Helix towels are perfect for an afternoon at the park.

Helix Towels

Fall is coming and a great way to enjoy My Audio Pets is outdoors breathing in the fresh air before winter strikes. Turkish Towels are on the rise in popularity and Helix Towels give the perfect blend of softness as well as versatility. You can take these towels to lay out and sit on the perfect stretch of grass, dry off after an unexpected rain, and even use them as a lightweight blanket for that beginning of fall chill. 10% of proceeds also go to a charity in need!

The Helix Towels in the image above are Instanbul (left), ‘MURICA (right).

I have to admit that my two-year-old is absolutely obsessed with Helix Towels. As soon as they appeared in my mailbox, it became abundantly clear that these were going to be her new “blankets”. She is hot natured but loves a blanket to cuddle up to when she sleeps. Helix Towels are so lightweight that they are perfect for the job! Helix Towels hold up well in the washing machine (hand wash, cool setting) and they hold up against stains pretty well all on their own without other measures (Yes, my child did get barbecue sauce on one of the Helix Towels and it washed out extremely easily despite not rushing to the washer right away).

You can find your own Helix Towel on their website.

What adventures would you take your My Audio Pet on?

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