Achieve Sleek And Chic Hair

Achieve Sleek And Chic Hair

Beauty Brite Disclosure
When I think of hair tools, my first thought is to shop NuMe Products! They offer a wide variety of products, such as the Lustrum Set if you are searching for fabulous curls and waves or the Travel Kit is my go-to when we go out of town.

I normally let my hair air dry. I usually don’t use a hair dryer because it seems like too much trouble. Lately, my hair takes much longer to dry. I’ve been letting my hair grow out so it’s down to about the middle of my back. It can easily take a few hours to dry on its own and our cold weather doesn’t help. Not only that, my hair seems to soak up water like a sponge so even after I towel dry my hair, I can still squeeze water out of my hair and it drips down my back and leaves my shirt wet.

Signature Dryer in Turquoise

I must confess, I had a very difficult time choose which color. Ultimately, I chose turquoise but I also love pink! I ended up choosing turqoise because it seems like such a rare color. I have a few hair dryers: one black one, one grey one and an animal print one. I wanted something different! I love my Signature Dryer in Turquoise! Since it arrived, I’ve been using it every evening to dry my hair.

Signature Dryer

The Signature Dryer is so much fun to use! I find the dryer to be lightweight and compact in design. I love that the handle is easy to hold and I can quickly dry my hair. After using the Signature Dryer, my hair is left looking soft, smooth, sleek and shiny! I also have a nice bounce to my hair!

I love using the Signature Dryer over my other hair dryers. It is so pretty. The color reminds me of a metallic turquoise. The color is just gorgeous! I may have to get the pink dryer next!


I admit, when I first heard of Invisibobbles, the word made me giggle. I think it’s a cute word. When I received the Around The World collection, I was amazed at how small and compact they were! The collection includes: Silky Season, Universal Blue, Burgundy Dream and Letter from Grey. Each collection contains 3 invisibobbles.

I love that I now have invisibobbles on hand to put my hair in a ponytail! I put my hair up when I am cleaning or walking on my treadmill. The invisibobbles stay in place and keep my hair out of my face! I am very surprised at how strong they are! Not only are they fashionable but I love the colors.

You can purchase Invisibobbles at Urban Outfitters, Beauty and Nordstrom.

You can shop NuMe Products on their website!

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  1. wow a great dryer plus the handle how fit your hand great feature thanks for a great review of it

  2. Thomas Murphy says

    Looks like an awesome dryer!

  3. this dryer would be perfect for me. i like the shape of it and the power that it has.

  4. I absolutely love NuMe!

  5. allyson tice says

    this hair dryer is the bees knees!! love a good sturdy lightweight hair dryer that actually leaves hair looking beautiful! the bobbles look cool too! like old phone cords recycled!

  6. Gina Ferrell says

    This is an awesome air dryer and I sure could use a new one. I love the shape and how sturdy and lightweight it is.

  7. elizabeth miller says

    This dryer sounds just like what I am loo. I love that is seems to be so light weight but still has decent power. I end up dropping mine, especially when am drying my daughters long hair because of the weight of the dryer at the turn my wrist. I love the different color options well.

  8. chrissy c says

    I need a new hair dryer really bad and this one looks fabulous! I have really thick hair so I love that you said it dried your hair quickly! Thanks for the info!

  9. Loving this hair dryer and the invisibobbles are adorable but look really strong!

  10. Elizabeth says

    This really looks like a fabulous Hair Dryer! I sure could use a new one; the one I have is ancient! Great review!!

  11. Great review. This sounds like an amazing hair dryer

  12. Julie Bolduc says

    This sounds like a awesome hair dryer and I love the look of it it

  13. deb jensen says

    I would love this for my thick coarse frizzy hair!

  14. laura says

    This looks like a great hair dryer! I would love to use one

  15. I like that it is lightweight.

  16. I am so tired of the frizzies that I am left with when I blow my hair dry! I have just been letting it air dry but I get chilled and it takes all day to dry because my hair is so thick and long!

  17. Amy Deeter says

    Oh wow, what an amazing review. I would love to have one of these.It sounds great. thanks for sharing

  18. Looks great! And I love the colors 🙂

  19. Tee Anderson says

    This looks like a great hair dryer. Thanks

  20. Sharyonda says

    The brand, the color and size makes this a hair dryer a must have…

  21. kayla bowe says

    I love the pink, my hair takes forever to dry its to the middle of my back.

  22. I would love to try this dryer. The power behind it and the control of the airflow really makes me want to try!!

  23. donna porter says

    Great review on the dryer. I like the fact it is lightweight and drys fast. Oh and you are right..such a beautiful color!

  24. Kelli Bryson says

    I need a new hairdryer and this one looks awesome!

  25. Great review on this hair dryer, love that it’s lightweight and is compact. Also that it dries your hair fast.

  26. Dorothy Teel says

    What a neat dryer and I love the turquoise color also, I have an old dryer that at times gets hot others not, but it is the one I have and reallydon’t have money for a new one now, just continue to use it. Ilike that you say it dryes long hair so on short hair it should be twice as fast, thank you for sharing this review

  27. Kimmy says

    I would love the opportunity to try this dryer! I have very long hair and my currant dryer sucks my hiar into the dryer if Im not careful. This dryer looks fabulous.

  28. Debbie Welchert says

    Sounds like a great hair dryer that would work well with all of the girls and boys at my house. I would love a pink one but I don’t know if the boys would like that here.

  29. Amazing review! Light weight is so important! This hair blower sounds like the one everyone wants! I now know what my next one will be!

  30. I have seen so many people speak about the NuMe products. I think this hair dryer would be great! I am so in need of a good one. I seem to go thru them so fast.

  31. Nicole Vosburgh says

    This looks the perfect and stylish hair dryer!

  32. Birdiebee says

    This looks like a nice hair dryer. I sure could use one as my hair takes 4-5 hours to dry on its own. Can you tell me if it reduces the frizz when drying as this is what I need? I would love to try the Invisibobbles as I have never heard of them before.

  33. Holly Thomas says

    I would love a hair dryer that is comfortable to hold.

  34. Amanda Bruenger says

    I would love to win this!

  35. Colleen Boudreau (Collifornia) says

    Looks like a great dryer, and I love the color!

  36. Ashley says

    I love the looks of this hair dryer. The color is so pretty and unique.I’ve been in need of a new dryer for a while now. Definitely going to have to have to check this one out, as it looks really great.

  37. Eva D says

    My friend owns one of these and I have watched her use it. It is awesome!!

  38. itsmede says

    Love this Signature Dryer, and you picked a great color! I can see how hard that choice could be.

  39. What an awesome dryer! I would love this because my hair is very long. It often gets hard on my arm when the hair dryer is so heavy! Love how sturdy this is as well!

  40. I have long hair to dry, and sleek and chic looks like it could do the job! The invisibobbles appear to be stronger than the typical pony tail holders, Cool Colors.

  41. Dana Matthews says

    I need an awesome new dryer! Maybe this is the one!

  42. Mary Cloud says

    This looks to be a great hair dryer and I love the color

  43. Looks awesome!

  44. Cheryl Abdelnour says

    I love the colors. They are so awesome. The hairdryer has good reviews also.

  45. Teresa Satterfield says

    Very nice! I would love to have one.

  46. Seyma Shabbir says

    I love this! The color is so vibrant. The dryer is easy to hold and can fit in your hand. I want to try it!

  47. Michelle Schultz says

    I need this dryer in my life!!

  48. Linda Bradshaw says

    My daughter will love to have this. Her’s is broken now.

  49. Beth mcNulty says

    looks like a great dryer

  50. Tracy Heyer says

    Awesome review! Love the shape and that it’s light weight.

  51. Jeanna Massman says

    I love the features of this dryer. I could really use the help with my hair.

  52. This looks so nice! My hair dryer is on it’s last leg.

  53. Christina A. says

    Sounds like a great hair dryer! I have such fine, fly away hair that I’m so picking about having good hair dryers! Thanks for the review!

  54. Shea Adams says

    This looks like a great dryer! I like that its lightweight and compact so that its easy to handle and put away. I love nume products!

  55. Regina elliott says

    I had no idea what all this Dyer actually does

  56. I love the vibrant colors on this dryer.

  57. Stacy Scott says

    Wow, totally what I am Looking for to gift, for my daughter! What a Great Giveaway =) Thank you

  58. Ivette says

    Looks awesome! Love the colors!

  59. lisa kay says

    Positive review …I Like everything about this dryer!! <3

  60. Cynthia Gheorghiu says

    Would love to win this fabulous hair dryer!

  61. Natalie says

    I love that it is compact and lightweight, making it great for travel!

  62. Wehaf says

    I love that this is lightweight – that’s a key feature for me!

  63. Jill H says

    I have long thick hair & like you most of the time I let it air dry, but in the winter I use a 20 year old blow dryer, that takes some of the wetness out, I love the color turquoise & I’m sure this would be a great improvement over the one I have.

  64. Debbie F says

    I love the great colors they have as well!
    And it’s lightweight, cool.
    Nothing worse than getting carpal tunnel syndrome from a hair dryer. 🙂

  65. Jayedee says

    Love the colors this dryer comes in…unique!

  66. Betsy Barnes says

    This is a really great dryer! I love that it is lightweight and comes in a variety of colors 🙂

  67. Jennifer M. says

    I really need a new dryer and this one is perfect.

  68. mita says

    This a hair dryer a must have.

  69. Carrie Jenkins says

    This would definitely be a big step up from the 8 year old dryer I have stubbornly refused to get rid of. 😀

  70. BRANDI DAWN says

    This is a cute hair dryer! I love the color you picked. It also looks very lightweight which is something I look for in a hair dryer.

  71. nancy munson says

    looks like a fabulous dryer!

  72. Georgiann D'Angelo says

    Looks like a awesome Dryer. Love the Color also !

  73. Maureen says

    I have long thick hair so having a dryer that is light weight and not a burden when drying sounds like a dream.

  74. Lisa Williams says

    I love that this dryer is light weight and dries hair fast because I don’t like to spend too much time on my hair in the morning and I absolutely love the colors,pink is my favorite!

  75. Melissa S says

    I would have chosen the turquoise dryer too. I have long hair too and though I don’t blow it dry during the warmer months I freeze if I don’t during the colder weather.

  76. Cindy Peterson says

    The Signature Dryer from NuMe Products looks fantastic. I appreciate any dryer that is lightweight and works so well.

  77. Hannah C says

    This is an awesome dryer. I would love to have it!

  78. Hargow Wong says

    Compact and light is easy to store.

  79. shanna says

    Great review! Looks like a perfect hair dryer!

  80. Melissa C says

    I’ve always heard really good things about Nume products, I throughly enjoyed reading this article

  81. Elizabeth E says

    Looks like a top notch hair dryer!

  82. gricelda says

    Looks like a great dryer.

  83. Tara Z says

    I would love to have this hair dryer, but I also want to try the invisibobbles.

  84. Robert Olinger says

    Looks like a quality dryer.

  85. harold says

    Such an awesome product and review.

  86. Julie says

    This is such a cute dryer, and it sounds like a great one. I love that it’s lightweight!

  87. Ruy M. says

    I adore NuMe styling tools, and I would love to add this to my collection.

  88. Patricia Vazquez says

    This look like a great dryer! I’m in need of a new one soon, for sure

  89. I’ve been on the hunt for a new hair dryer. This one sounds great!

  90. Lesley F says

    I have never used this brand but it looks of great quality and I love the color!

  91. Gwendolyn J says

    Great dryer

  92. Rachel Starkey says

    I really want this hair dryer! I want my hair to shine!

  93. Lorri K says

    I am in the market for a good dryer that won’t kill my hair. This is a fun color and looks safe for my delicate locks.

  94. Jeff Rothrock says

    wow expensive

    • Admin says

      I understand. They usually have huge discounts! Stay tuned for an awesome coupon code to use!

  95. Angela says

    What a great dryer!

  96. Cindy Vincent says

    Great Review !

  97. Ashley M says

    Love the sleek look of it

  98. Kimberly Michele Singh says

    What an awesome dryer! I love the turquoise color too!

  99. Terri Irvin says

    A good hair dryer makes all the difference in how your hair looks. I need high steady heat or my hair looks frizzy. Nume products are awesome!

  100. Laura Micele says

    This looks so great, love to have one

  101. Nancy Burgess says

    Nice hairdryer.t

  102. Carolyn Massey says

    Love that it’s light weight and easy to hold. Also love the color. Need a hair dryer like the NuMe

  103. Jea Smith says

    That’s a pretty impressive hair dryer. Would love to try this one out cause it sounds like a keeper.

  104. Love the color and the Nu Me. Glad it’s light weight and easy to hold

  105. Darla Peduzzi says

    Great review! I love that it’s lightweight too! Sounds amazing!

  106. This dryer looks really nice!. I love the photos!

  107. Robin Abrams says

    This sounds like a great dryer. I love the color.

  108. Samantha Brown says

    Such an amazing hair dryer!

  109. Jodi Wresh says

    I like that it is lightweight and easy to hold. I have very thick hair and takes awhile to dry, so that’s a plus not having to hold heavy dryer

  110. Stephanee Jones says

    I haven’t tried yet. I hope too.

  111. Lightweight!! Oh yes with my thicj hair that is def a plus@!!

  112. Molly Hearn says

    I , like you never use a hair dryer, that is a beautiful color. Your review made me interested to try this product.

  113. I really need a new hair dryer!! Thank y ou for the chance to win!

  114. Kate says

    This hairdryer looks amazing! My current one is way too clunky and heavy.

  115. This product looks really useful and a brand that is trustworthy and very inexpensive. I would get this for my mom she is always using a blow dryer for her hair.

  116. Christine M says

    Sounds like a nice dryer. I have long hair so I always check to see how powerful they are and this one’s listed at 1875 Watts. It would be nice if they also listed the weight (and to be really technical, the dB so I’d know how loud it was).

  117. Kathy Ross says

    I love the Signature Dryer in Turquoise! I also like that it left your hair looking soft, smooth, sleek and shiny! And that it left a nice bounce to your hair!

  118. Heather says

    Great review!

  119. Carol says

    I think I’d like one in black

  120. Jamie Anders Martin says

    Beauty Brite has awesome bright colors in all appliances. Would love the opportunity to review this dryer.

  121. Jenny N says

    Looks like a great hair dryer!


    I need a new hairdryer and I’ve heard wonderful things about this one! 🙂

  123. heather e.g. kaufman says

    My dryer is super old & I could use a new, pretty one.

  124. I usually let me hair air dry too because it takes so much time to use a dryer. Love the colore

  125. Helen says

    With long thick hair, this seems like just what I need.

  126. joti B says

    Great review, want to try it more now

  127. Wow, the dryer is so pretty. I would really like an upgrade!

  128. lisa fleenor says

    Love it!! Its just what I need

  129. Ronald Gagnon says

    I still have very curly (unruly) hair and sure could use this to save time in the morning

  130. My wife would love this!

  131. i would love this for my crazy frizzy hair.

  132. Lantana H. says

    My favorite hair straightener is from NuMe so I’m sure I’d love the hair dryer. It looks like it has more settings than a traditional dryer. I never heard of invisibobble, I had to look it up. I didn’t find any descriptions right off so I went to google images, I guess it keeps you from getting a crease in your hair? If so that’s pretty cool though it has a weird name because it is kind of gaudy and definitely not invisible lol.

  133. pam shepherd says

    I NI Need A New Dryer,Thanks for A Great Giveaway..

  134. Dena says

    Would love to win one!

  135. Shelby Clinard says

    This sounds like a really awesome tool I’d love to try as I always blow dry my hair before straightening

  136. Beth Minyard says

    I love the color!!

  137. Tamra Gibson says

    Oh wow!!! I can only imagine a hair dryer that doesn’t leave my hair dry and frizzy. Heck if u dnt normally dry ur hair and now u do Well u got me sold 🙂

  138. Emahnie Gaskin says

    I love how this dryer gets the job done, but is also stylish!

  139. This would be great for my thick hair

  140. Neida Aponte says

    Sounds like a great blowdryer, plus I love the color! Lightweight & compact. ..perfect. ♡

  141. It’s great that this is a lightweight dryer. I have carpal tunnel so anything that is easy on my hands and wrists is good.

  142. Laura says

    I love the Turquoise color. This looks like a good hair dryer!

  143. Heidi Spittler says

    This dryer looks awesome, I can’t wait to try it out!

  144. My mom’s bday is coming up and she would LOVE this! I personally don’t use a hairdryer, but this would mean the world if I won for her 🙂 Thank you so much! I want this!

  145. Nancy Loring says

    Like you I was not one to blow dry my hair that often but recently I got a hairstyle that looks better when I blow dry it rather than letting it air dry. I also like the torquoise color.

  146. Dawn Keenan says

    This looks like an amazing dryer. My beautician insists that a high quality hair dryer really makes a difference in hair styling.

  147. natasha lamoreux says

    I love NUME products. I have 2 that i use almost everyday and I would love to try this dryer.

  148. Meredith Miller says

    The dryer looks awesome. The invisibobbles look they would get tangled in my hair! I’m glad they worked out so well for you!

  149. Sara says

    I love that it works quickly and has so many color options. I love that it is lightweight too

  150. Laura S says

    Looks like a nice hair dryer. Thanks for the review.

  151. Stefanie G says

    the nume dryer looks great, I’d love to get one!

  152. doreen lamoureux says

    It looks like it would sit nice in my hand. Good grip. Mine is so old and flames. OUch. one feature that this one has is that it leave hair nice and sleeky.

  153. Wendy hutton says

    would like a great hair dryer I like that its so light weight and leaves your hair so soft

  154. I love a good dryer that fits well in my hand and is ergonomically friendly. Plus one that won’t fry my hair or make me look like I stuck my finger in a light socket. This sounds like a nice quality dryer, one that with proper use will last a long time. I have to admit, I am loving the turquoise color you selected as well!

  155. DENISE LOW says

    Thank you for the information. This is a very nice dryer.

  156. stephanie curtis says

    I want to try this out!

  157. I have tendonitis in my hand so the fact that the dryer is light weight is perfect for me!

  158. Cori Westphal says

    Sounds high quality, so it’s healthier for your hair. If you must blow dry, blow dry safely! haha!

  159. Very nice looking! I like all the features.

  160. oh how cool are those invisibobbles? gotta find some of those. I love the pretty color of the dryer as well!

  161. Kay Garrett says

    Sounds like a great hair dryer. I like that it’s lightweight and love the colors

  162. Jen says

    Good review. I’m always looking for a new hair dryer.

  163. Debbie Hinson says

    Like you, I let my hair air dry. Now that it is frigid here, I don’t think air drying is an option anymore, lol..I am glad to hear this is lightweight and easy to handle. PS I love the pink

    • Admin says

      Hi Debbie – I loved the pink too! It was so difficult to choose just ONE color!

  164. Heather Poindexter says

    This is a awesome dryer! I need this.

  165. crystal gibson says

    My daughter would love the pink dryer. The hair dryer we have now is old and very heavy. I have carpal tunnel so it is hard for me to use.

  166. favgreen(Rhonda W G.) says

    I like that you say it’s lightweight. I too am growing my hair out long and prefer to blow dry it since I think it just better with my hair.

  167. I could sure use this. Looks great

  168. I love that its lightweight and comes in such a beautiful color!

  169. What a cool color…love it. I like that the dryer is lightweight,

  170. The turquoise color was a great choice! I love how sleek this dryer looks. I can’t tell you how long I’ve had my blow dryer I have now, this would be a great upgrade!

  171. kelley roach says

    This looks like a great hair dryer! I would love to use one

  172. laurie murley says

    this sounds like a great dryer I would love to try it

  173. Wendy c g says

    I love the look of the handle, mine is bulky.

  174. Nichole Smith says

    I need this! My hair is so thick and my current hair dryer is so big and heavy my arm tires out before my hair gets even a little dry.

  175. looks awesome my dryer just broke yesterday!

  176. Jennifer H. says

    I like that this comes with the diffuser. I also like the color.

  177. John H. says

    It’s nice that it’s light weight.

  178. I’ve been hearing quite a bit about Nume and I really would love to own one of their curlers.

  179. Melissa J says

    I need to get myself one of these. I still use my old hair dryer from high school. I didn’t know dryers could do so many things for your hair that mine clearly doesn’t.

  180. Sharon Cubic says

    This dryer sounds great. The one I have now is so bulky and heavy. I would love the lightweight feature of this one.

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