A Stylish Way to Keep Your Gadgets Organized

Stay Organized With Porte Play Organizers
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Do you travel a lot or bring your laptop to work? Bringing your electronics on the go with you means, you’ll have a bunch of cords to bring with you. Typically, I just throw everything in my laptop, but then I spend a good 10 minutes trying to find everything. I’m someone who always has to be organized and know exactly where everything is at. I always joke and say that my office is an organized mess.

Thankfully, Porte Play has created a line of stylish organizations that will fit your USB cords and chargers. Browsing their site, I couldn’t believe the number of options they have available. I love the organization, so of course, I want one of everything!

Stay Organized With Porte Play

Porte Play was designed to organize your gadgets. Designed to fit your life. Prices do vary depending on the size and style that you’re looking for, but at $22.95 for the largest, it’s still extremely affordable.

I was sent two of the larger sizes and three adorable holders for my smaller cords to keep everything super organized… which I love! The first is my personal favorite, it’s the organizer in mint ($18.99). I use this every week when I go into the office. It fits the power chord to my MacBook Air, the USB cord for my iPhone and my headphones. I still have a little bit of room to fit the mini towel that I use to clean my laptop screen.

Porte Play Organizer In Mint Opened & Empty

Porte Play Pull-Apart in Orange Opened & Empty

Then I was sent the Pull-Apart in Orange ($16.99). I use this as a makeup bag for when I travel or go to the office. Yes, this is meant for your gadgets, cords, and little USB jump drives, but why not make it a multi-use product? I use the mint for gadgets and the orange for everything else. It works out perfectly for me, and my bag is always clean and organized. I find what I need within seconds.

The quality of these organizers is outstanding. I’m going to stay 100 percent honest, they’re the best I’ve ever used. I have my eyes on the 2PC Pouch Set in floral and Large Organizer in mint. I just love how the mint looks with the gray.

Gadgets Organized in Porte Play Organizer in Mint

Visit Porte Play to Get Organized In a Stylish Way

If you’re looking for a way to keep your gadgets organized, I highly recommend Porte Play. Their website is easy to use, their products are amazingly high quality, and you can use them for other things as well.

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