A Spotlight On Vegan Beauty

A Spotlight On Vegan Beauty with The Organic Skin Co

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The Organic Skin Co is a Vegan Beauty Must HaveBeauty Brite Disclosure

Now, when I say Natural Based Beauty Products that can go one of two ways. You came to see beauty products that are naturally made OR you came to see beauty products that give off a natural, no makeup used, look. I am ecstatic to say that The Organic Skin Co covers both grounds perfectly!

As a mother of 4 and having natural auburn hair, it is extremely important to me to have beauty products that give off a bright-eyed look but without the excessive use of products. I have tried countless beauty brands and to get the look I aspire for, it seems like I have to put on 5 or 6 different things for one section, eyes, flawless skin, dark circles, etc. This really takes time out of my on-the-go routine.

With The Organic Skin Co, I have been thoroughly pleased with how simple it is to apply their product, and only their product, to achieve the all natural look I am going for.

A couple of The Organic Skin Co products that I really enjoy is their luminizer, In The Spotlight, and their two in one blush/lip gloss Cheeky Lips – first blush.

The Organic Skin Co In The Spotlight

The Organic Skin Co featuring In The Spotlight

I have to admit that when I first opened the container (which BTW look how cute they are in the image above!) it looks very coppery which was concerning for me as I have natural auburn hair, so plenty of copper going on there. Add the Auburn hair to my cool skin tone that means most bronzers look orange, and I was feeling a bit skeptical. BUT In the Spotlight applies to your skin looking nothing like it does in the tin. In fact, it is so neutral, I could barely even get a proper swatch to show you the color difference but the results after application are outstanding. I love that this luminizer comes as a buildable cream, which means you can put very minimal to just add a bit of shine to your face (perfect for dry skin) or you can build it up to get that perfect dewy look that is currently in-season when it comes to makeup.

The Organic Skin Co’s In the Spot Light luminizer can be purchased HERE.

Another product I really enjoy from The Organic Skin Co is their two in one blush/lip gloss in Cheeky Lips.

The Organic Skin Co Cheeky Lips

The Organic Skin Co Cheeky Lips in First Blush.

Cheeky Lips is a cream based and can be applied/blended in as a blush OR just as subtle color for your lips. Cheeky Lips is also buildable however so you can use it to achieve a natural look OR build it up so that it gives the perfect pop of color to complete your beauty look. I am not a big blush person due to the fact my cheeks naturally already have a redness to them, however, I do like to add a little bit of color to my lips so that they are more noticeable. I did find that applying chapstick after using Cheeky lips left my lips looking less dried out/cracked but I do naturally have dry lips, to begin with so this could be a user error. Either way, Cheeky Lips provides the perfect coverage and with it being buildable you can use it for an all natural look or in a more bold manner.

The Organic Skin Co Cheeky Lips can be purchased HERE.

Both Cheeky Lips and In The Spotlight are made with organic calendula and pomegranate supercritical extracts. Both of which have countless benefits but are fantastic in makeup because it helps nourish your skin with moisture/healing properties as you wear it.

The Organic Skin Co Task Force Nine

With the endless amount of beauty products on the market, I am also tasked with finding products that do not make my sensitive dry skin flare up even worse than I started out with. A lot of different beauty products leave my skin even more noticeably dry, pores enlarged, flaky/scaley look OR it leaves my skin excessively oily.

The Organic Skin Co kept individuals like me in mind when they made Task Force Nine which is a Calendula and Turmeric Cream (moisturizer). Task Force Nine aims to help problematic skin and is actually a moisturizer that comes antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Add these properties with the shea butter and aloe vera, you will have better skin in no time! What I did notice about Task Force Nine is that a little bit goes a long way. I am used to having to apply kind of a lot of moisturizers to actually make a difference on my skin but as Task Force Nine soaks into your skin, it begins working its magic and moisturizing your skin. When you first put it on, your skin may not feel noticeably different but give it just a little bit to soak in and you will notice a huge difference. I have actually swapped this as my nighttime moisturizer because of its antiseptic/antibacterial properties and because Task Force Nine works on blemishes as well as other skin blemishes.

You can purchase Task Force Nine HERE.

The Organic Skin Co is certified through BioGrow, Cruelty-Free, and Vegan.

If that alone isn’t enough to make you feel good about purchasing beauty product with them, they also plant one tree for every single item you purchase. That is right, ONE TREE for every item you purchase. Think about how many products you use to achieve your everyday look and to think that by simply using The Organic Skin Co for your beauty care needs, you would help replenish trees to our ecosystem.

All of The Organic Skin Co’s products are 100% naturally made and every item I looked at on their website are well over 70% organically made. That is outstanding for beauty products. I will definitely be making a larger purchase from The Organic Skin Co in the near future.

The replacement of Trees is only one of the many great things The Organic Skin Co provides with their beauty care. To read more about their programs that give back to our society, click here.

Hamswan Light Up Mirror
Photo Credit: Hamswan

With all this talk of beauty, it’s time to put a spotlight on yourself with a beautiful mirror for your vanity!

While this is not an organic beauty product per se it is a MUST HAVE item when it comes to applying make-up, face masks, etc. Any Beauty Guru will tell you the importance of having a well-lit area to apply your beauty products. It ensures that your foundation/concealer are applied correctly, how your eyeshadows, blush, and highlighter will reflect in the sun and so much more.

The Hamswan LED Mirror comes with

  • 1 Standard Mirror
  • 1 2x Magnified Mirror
  • 1 3x Magnified Mirror
  • Multi Angle Hinge to Change tilt/angle of Mirror
  • Dual Power Supply for LED Lighting (USB Charging/ 4 AAA Batteries)

The best part about the Hamswan LED Mirror is that you can charge it via USB so there is no concern about batteries and the fact that it is lightweight which means it is easy to take on the go.

You can purchase your very own Hamswan LED Mirror through Amazon or Hamswan’s website.

Hamswan LED Mirror with Emmalee

What are your favorite Organic beauty care brands/items?

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