A Healthy Breakfast Starts with Fruit & Oats

A healthy breakfast starts with fruit and oats
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I have never been a morning person. I don’t wake up the sun or jump joyously out of bed no matter what time my alarm goes off. One way I help improve my mood is by eating a healthy breakfast. Typically, this means whipping up a green smoothie, unless I’m short on time. In those cases, instead of going without breakfast, I now turn to Breakfast Ovals from Enjoy Life.

If you’re a frequent Beauty Brite reader, you know this isn’t the first time we’ve talked about Enjoy Life. We featured their allergy-free goodies earlier this year on the blog. And like that delicious post, their Breakfast Ovals are just as tasty and allergy-free.

Healthy Breakfast Ovals
Enjoy Life Breakfast Fruit & Oat Ovals

When you’re short on time in the morning it can be so tempting, and easy, to opt for an unhealthy breakfast. Or no breakfast at all. With Enjoy Life Breakfast Ovals you get variety, portability, flavor, and an ingredient list full of real fruit and oats.  It’s a healthy breakfast your whole family will enjoy.

The Breakfast Ovals come in four fabulous flavors including, Chocolate Chip Banana, Apple Cinnamon, Berry Medley, and Maple Fig.

Healthy breakfast ovals

Chocolate Chip Banana features dairy-free chocolate chips, bananas, and gluten-free whole grain oats. They contain 20g of whole grains and are only 220 calories. Maple Fig contains 21g of whole grains and mix of whole grain oats, maple syrup, and figs. Apple Cinnamon is also packed full of 21g of whole grains thanks to a combo of cinnamon, dried apples, and organic rolled oats. Finally, there is Berry Medley with its 20g of whole grains, and a blend of organic grain oats and freeze-dried blueberries and raspberries.

As I mentioned above, all of the ovals are only 220 calories and contain about 9-10 grams of sugar. And like all Enjoy Life products, these healthy breakfast treats are free of allergens such as wheat, casein, dairy, tree nuts, and soy.

Allergy free breakfast ovals

If I had to pick a favorite, I couldn’t. I like them all equally, which surprised me. I was expecting to love the Chocolate Chip Banana and Apple Cinnamon more than the other two. In reality, I find each flavor extremely delicious. In other words, I now have four (almost empty) boxes of healthy breakfast bars or snacks to choose from every day of the week. Maybe it will help me become more of a morning person…but mostly like not.

What’s your favorite healthy breakfast? Which Enjoy Live Breakfast Oval are you craving?

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  1. paula peterson says

    I would for my kids to to try this. I love that these are made out of real fruit.

  2. I love that these have no dairy in them. That way I can enjoy the for breakfast with my coffee.

  3. I would like to try the chocolate chip banana one. I like those kinds of healthy breakfasts. I do tend to like the ones with yogurt more, but the simple ones are yummy as well.

  4. alexandra cook says

    I am all for healthy food like this. And it looks so awesome. Feeling hungry after seeing them.

  5. I’ve always wanted to try these! I know they’d make breakfast so much easier and quick. I’ll have to buy some soon.

  6. What a perfect way to start your day. I love a good, healthy grab and go breakfast.

  7. Hannah Marie says

    Looks like a healthy and tasty breakfast. The kids will like this because it’s sweet and everything sweet is delicious. I would love to have this.

  8. Looks like this is wonderful tasty breakfast I would like to check it out when I am not in mood to cook.

  9. Oh this sounds nice and healthy. But I am no longer eating breakfast. I am on a diet and I start eating at 12nn already.

  10. These would be great for when you’re in a rush!

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