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A girl’s gotta treat herself and her skin. One way to enjoy a little skin indulgence is by using sheet masks. They allow me to give my skin a boost of hydration, help clean out those pores or reduce signs of aging in about 10-20 minutes. This time I’m staying “Golden” (and glowy) with the FaceTory March 7 Lux Box. And what better way to try out these K-Beauty favorites than with a 7-days of Sheet Masks challenge.

But before I share my mask experience, let’s talk about FaceTory. This subscription service was started by a group of sheet mask junkies. They wanted to share their love of K-Beauty in an affordable, fun way by offering three mask subscription plans including:

  • 4-Ever Fresh Kit – four curated sheet masks perfect for the K-Beauty newbie
  • 7 Lux Box – 7 luxurious masks ideal for those who want to try the latest K-Beauty trends
  • Lux Plus Box – A selection of 3 full-sized skin care products, 3 masks, and 1 specialty item for anyone who wants to try skin care and body care products


A Week of Sheet Masks

I typically use a mask treatment once or twice a week. However, after seeing a few other bloggers do 7 days of sheet masks, I thought I would try it for myself. This month, the FaceTory March 7Lux box is dedicated to the “Honey Skin” look. To achieve this honey skin, the brand chose a selection of masks designed to brighten and hydrate skin for that all over glow.

Jeu’Demeure Refresh Mask

Jeu'Demeure Refresh Sheet Mask

The first mask I tried comes from Jeu’Demeure. It features niacinamide, which helps strengthen skin, and sanguisorba officinalis root extract, a botanical that soothes and tones.

I found the Refresh mask to be both hydrating and refreshing. It didn’t irritate my very sensitive skin in any way. I liked how it left behind a nice layer of serum that I could rub in for an extra boost of nourishment.

FaceTory Be Bright Be Your Brightening Mask

Facetory be Bright be You Sheet Mask

On the second night, I used the FaceTory mask, featuring a special foil material. This gold foil is designed to prevent the mask essence from evaporating. While I can’t say that my face was extra glowy, it did feel extra nourished. This is probably due to the blend of fruit extras in the essence, which help protect the skin from UV damage and acne.

NOHJ Pore Bubble Mask

NOHJ Pore Bubble Sheet Mask

On night three, I went for a deep cleansing mask. The NOHJ mask contains citrus and botanical extracts that are full of antibacterial properties which help decongest pores and eliminate excess sebum.

Although I typically like citrus scented skincare, the grapefruit smell in this mask was overpowering. I did have a little trouble breathing while using this mask. Thankfully, I only had to wear it for five minutes because the bubbles were too intense. Regardless, the ingredients did a nice job of penetrating my skin and cleaning out my pores.

Banobagi Gold Propolis Injection Mask

Gold Propolis Injection Sheet Mask

When night four came around, I decided I needed an injection of gold. I choose the Gold Propolis Injection Mask as my treatment. With key ingredients like anti-aging gold and anti-inflammatory propolis, this sheet mask is all about plumping and hydrating the skin.

One of my favorite things about this mask was how easy it was to use. It was the only one in the box that you first had to pull off another sheet. It also fit the best and had no scent. I also loved how my skin looked and felt after 20 minutes of use. My face felt soothed and look hydrated, plump and smooth.

NeogenLab Revital Propolis Ampoule Mask

Neogenlab Revital Propolis Ampoule Sheet Mask

On night five, I choose the NeogenLab mask. Like my night four mask, the Revital Propolis Ampoule Mask is also designed to nourish and hydrate skin. It contains propolis extract and niacinamide. The propolis extract helps hydrate, as well as protect and heal skin from breakouts and irritation. The niacinamide helps repair the skin barrier so skin looks brighter, firmer and more hydrated.

I found the design of this mask a little odd. It was very long and had strange slits on the side. However, it did adhere to my face pretty well and felt soothing and cooling. I could feel it tingling on the very dry, sensitive parts of my skin. After using the NeogenLab mask, my skin was extremely soft and hydrated.

Cosmetea White Tea Brightening Moisture Mask

Cosmetea Brightening Moisture Sheet Mask

For night six I wanted something light, so I went for the Cosmetea mask. Infused with camellia sinensis leaf extract and lemon fruit extract, this sheet mask is designed to soothe and brighten. It also helps protect and heal skin damage caused by environmental stressors, while also cleansing away dirt and excess sebum.

This mask had a strong, soapy scent, but it wasn’t too overpowering. The mask was also very easy to apply. What I enjoyed most was how much serum was on the mask, which my skin drank up. After I took off the mask, my skin was a little tingly on my nose, chin, forehead, and side of my chin. I didn’t mind this at all because it meant the serum was working its magic on my skin.

Frienvita Perfect Skin Adhesion/Firming Gold Glow Mask

Frienvita Perfect Skin Adhesion Sheet Mask

For my last night of 7 Days of Sheet Masks, I used the rejuvenating Frienvita mask. This mask is all about delivering that youthful glow thanks to ingredients like vitamin B5 and hydrolyzed collagen. The B5 helps pull water deep into the skin while the collagen helps plump up the skin. The combination of the two leaves skin looking firmer and feeling extra hydrated.

I really enjoyed this mask. It adhered very well to my face. My skin drank up the essence contained in the mask. Once my treatment time was up I removed the mask to find my face looking very rejuvenated. It was the perfect end to my full week of sheet masks.

After doing this seven-day challenge, I don’t know if I would recommend doing all of the masks at once as I did. I would probably suggest using one to two a week for best results and to reduce any chance of irritation.

However, I would fully recommend Facetory. I love the idea of a sheet mask subscription. It’s perfect for K-Beauty newbies, fans, or anyone who wants to try out new masks on a regular basis.

Are you a sheet mask fan? Which of these masks would you try out first?

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  1. Shannah says

    These look so nice I want them all! I definitely need to get one so I can have a pamper night!

  2. A sheet mask subscription box does sound like a great idea. Great post!

  3. I need to try some of these. I know it would be so great for my skin.

  4. Lauren - The Little Lake Cottage says

    I LOVE sheet masks and I think a subscription box would be a great way to try new ones! I have never tried a bubble mask before but I am def trying one now.

    Thanks for sharing!

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