2 Personal Wellness Products To Help You Chill Out

2 Personal Wellness Products To Help You Chill Out-Culturelle Pro-Well Immune + Energy Supplement-Mind Fuel Nest - Inspirational Jewelry and Clothing-Peace Love Yoga Bracelet

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It’s not hard to get really caught up in the fast-paced life that we all seem to be living these days. Chilling out can seem like an unaffordable luxury when compared to all that we have to get done on any given day of the week. But, as I’ve gotten older I’ve learned that relaxation isn’t something to relegate to the occasional stolen moment. It’s something we should all attempt to work into our everyday lives, even if we need to actually schedule it in our calendars.

Rest and relaxation doesn’t need to be a big production or take a lot of time to prepare for, either. Small changes to many areas of our daily routines can bring big benefits. Here’s how I’ve added two simple products from Culturelle® and Mind Fuel Nest to my daily routine to promote personal wellness on a small scale.

Culturelle Pro-Well Immune + Energy Supplement


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

†† Based on the number of Lactobacillus GG clinical studies, as of May 2016.

*^ B vitamins support energy through metabolic function.


Probiotics are something we hear about all over the place now. They are good strains of bacteria that promote digestive tract health. Most people don’t think about this part of their anatomy much, after all you can’t see it so it can be difficult to understand how it affects many areas of your life from how you feel physically to how you look on the outside.

I had no idea that probiotics can be very beneficial not only to digestive tract health but to the health of your immune system, as well. It makes sense, though, being that 70% of your immune system is located in the digestive tract.

I’m pretty excited (as much as one can be about probiotics, anyway) to have added Culterelle® Pro-Well™ Immune + Energy powder supplement to the list of things I do for my own personal health and well-being. It contains the #1 clinically studied probiotic strain, Lactobacillus GG††. It also provides 100 percent daily value vitamin C to support immune health* and B vitamins for sustaining energy*^.

Culturelle Pro-Well Immune + Energy Supplement

I’ve tried several brands of powdered health drinks. Some of them didn’t always dissolve fully while others left an aftertaste that I didn’t care for. But, I have to say that the Culterelle® Pro-Well™ Immune + Energy powder packets did dissolve completely, a good early sign!

The next test was taste. The packet states that this product features a Fresh Citrus flavor, and I was delighted to find that it does indeed. It’s a light hint of citrus, too, not the overwhelming tartness that I’ve noticed with some other products that I’ve tried. And the texture is smooth, I couldn’t even tell I was drinking something made from a powder mix. That is pretty awesome.

Culturelle Pro-Well Immune + Energy Supplement

With a light and refreshing taste, absolutely no hint of an unwanted aftertaste, and no gritty texture – I designate this health find a total win and have added it to my daily routine. Because, I’m just like most people. I don’t pay as much attention to my health or diet as I should. I know this already. But, this one small (and delicious) addition can help me do something healthy for myself without having to think too much about it. Pretty perfect!

Mind Fuel Nest - Inspirational Jewelry and Clothing-Peace Love Yoga Bracelet

With my fast paced life, it can be hard sometimes to remember to slow down, breathe, and relax. I love jewelry, so I think this Peace Love Yoga Bracelet from Mind Fuel Nest Inspirational Jewelry and Clothing is pretty cool. I often have my hands in my line of site because I spend a lot of time working with them while writing, reading, cooking, etc.

Now, I’m reminded when I catch sight of the bracelet about the importance of relaxing and taking Me time on occasion. I’m just a simple, go-with-the-flow kind of person naturally, so the simplicity of the design is perfect. Each handmade silver bracelet is made of sterling silver and silver filled wire with a hook and eye clasp. They are individually hand stamped and made completely in the USA.


Mind Fuel Nest - Inspirational Jewelry and Clothing-Peace Love Yoga Bracelet

Mind Fuel Nest is a company with the purpose of providing products that promote mindfulness and inspiration to help people connect with the beauty and peace in the world around them. They have so many beautifully unique (and useful) items available, there are several pieces that I’ve got my eye on purchasing for myself very soon.

One such piece is the Silver Tone Metallic Birdie and Tree Jewelry Organizer. I’ve got several necklaces with no good way to store them without risking tangles. And trees are something I find incredibly relaxing and soothing to look at, so this may be an item I purchase soon.

Finding ways to inject well-being into your life doesn’t have to be hard. It can really be just as easy as enjoying a cool drink or having something pretty to look at to remind us all that peace and harmony are goals worth pursuing.

How do you bring mindfulness and well-being into your life?


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  1. It looks like a healthy way to get a daily dose of probiotics

  2. Dana Matthews says

    I really like what Mind Fuel Nest stands for. I encourage the women in my life to take time for themselves occasionally. It is important.

  3. Elisha Santana says

    I’ve realized that probiotics is something that I needed from childhood, wish I had discovered it sooner!

  4. kristamiller5425 says

    I use exercise and quiet time to maintain mindfulness and well being.

  5. Kelly Kimmell says

    Probiotics are very important to our well being. I have several stomach issues and I try to get as much as possible in my diet.

  6. tat2gurlzrock says

    I have never tried Culturelle products. I need to check them out.

  7. denise low says

    Thank you for sharing. This is something that I need to try.

  8. Elizabeth M. says

    I like the idea of another way to get probiotics other than yogurt. I like yogurt, but I can’t always fit it in my diet so being able to have it in a drink like this seems like a good solution.

  9. Bryan Vice says

    I have taken probiotic supplements but never drunk it in my water thats pretty cool i drink a lot of water daily so i might as well get a packet

  10. Rosie says

    I don’t do yoga, I tried it like 40 years ago! What I find works for me is don’t be overscheduled, try to do less, enjoy it more, and be mindful. It works for me!

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