You Deserve A Style Makeover

You Deserve A Style Makeover-Chloe + Isabel Jewelry Summer 2017 Collection

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I recall vividly the days when I had a jewelry box full of rings, necklaces, and bracelets. Not expensive pieces, as a matter of fact I’d label the majority of them costume jewelry. But, they were cute and varied to reflect my many moods.

Once I had my first daughter, I quickly learned that these formerly beloved items became tools of torture that she would use against me as she learned hand-eye coordination. That kid grabbed for anything and everything within her reach and yanked it toward her little cherub body to leave no doubt that she was proclaiming the item was “hers.â€

Over the years (which brought me two more babies) my jewelry box sat alone and neglected on my dresser the majority of the time. Some of the jewelry tarnished or I just got to the point that I didn’t love some of the pieces anymore. In any case, eventually most of my jewelry got lost, given away or stolen by my daughter for “dress up.â€

Now that my kids are too old to care about such things, I’m slowly acquiring new jewelry pieces that reflect my style now. The newest additions are from the Chloe + Isabel Jewelry Summer 2017 Collection.

Chloe + Isabel Jewelry Summer 2017 Collection

Looking at the collection, I quickly determined that I would have a hard time narrowing down the pieces that I thought I’d like to try and that would fit into my lifestyle. There are dozens of options to choose from among the selection of necklaces, bracelets, anklets, earrings, handpieces, and rings. So, here’s what I decided to start with.

The Minaret Hammered Long Station Necklace is as simple a design as it is a beautiful addition to my jewelry collection. It features semi-precious turquoise and marbled chalcedony, gray mother-of-pearl inlay, pale aqua crystal in a shiny rhodium + shiny silver-plated setting.

Chloe + Isabel Jewelry Summer 2017 Collection-Minaret Hammered Stackable Rings and Minaret Hammered Long Station Necklace

There is plenty of room to lay around with the generous 32.25″ length, 2†extender and lobster clasp. I’ve worn this piece as intended, but have also wrapped it several times around my wrist and work it as a bracelet, too. I love it both ways!

Chloe + Isabel Jewelry Summer 2017 Collection-Minaret Hammered Stackable Rings

The Minaret Hammered Stackable Rings are a really versatile way to add interest to your finger whether you choose to wear one or two or all four of the rings. Being that I’m a Pisces and my birthstone is an aquamarine, I’ve been partial to blue and green shades when it comes to jewels my whole life. The rings feature semi-precious turquoise and marbled chalcedony, emerald and mint resin and are antique rhodium-plated.

I am particularly excited to expand my collection of rings. Don’t get me wrong, I love my wedding rings and I have one or two others that I wear on occasion, but this set of stackable rings is just so much fun!

Chloe + Isabel Jewelry Summer 2017 Collection


The Minaret Hammered Linear Drop Earrings take me right back to high school and my earliest college days when I almost never left the house without a pair of earrings on. Sometimes I would just wear studs, but more often than not I wore hoops or earrings that dangled a few inches. These three pieces together are so incredibly versatile! I’ve worn them with khaki’s and a nice shirt, dress pants and a nicer shirt and (most often, admittedly) just with a simple t-shirt and my favorite pair of jeans. They look nice with everything!

For a different look I’m really loving the Golden Lotus Convertible Jacket Earrings. Featuring semi-precious turquoise and jonquil crystal in an antique gold-plated setting, you can wear just the studs for a simple look or add the convertible jackets for an added bit of flair. I’ve worn these earrings on their own and paired them with the stackable ring set.

I’ve really enjoyed wearing these new Chloe + Isabel pieces and am impressed by the quality and uniqueness of the collection overall. I can’t wait to figure out which items to add to my collection next.

What’s your jewelry style? Peruse the new Chloe + Isabel Summer 2017 Collection and share which piece(s) you’d love to own!


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Chloe + Isabel Jewelry Summer 2017 Collection

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  1. I know I could use a style makeover. I’ve been letting my hair grow, and would like to take better care of it. These are good ideas!

  2. tat2gurlzrock says

    They have pretty jewelry. I love the ring!

  3. Very pretty jewelry! I love turquoise, a color that never goes out of style.

  4. It is very pretty.

  5. Those drop earrings are super! Very eye-catching!

  6. gloria patterson says

    pretty pieces I always have trouble deciding on what to buy.,

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