Welcome to Ipsy: The May Glam Bag

Welcome to Ipsy! A Review of the May Glam Bag
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Monthly beauty boxes are having a moment–scratch that, a few years of moments. From Sephora’s Play to Birchbox (and even food versions, like graze and Bon Appetit!), the idea of getting some new products every month is clearly an idea that appeals to consumers. One particularly successful example of this enterprise? Ipsy’s Glam Bags. Not all beauty box subscriptions begin with a quiz to personalize your product selection, but this one does–and at ten dollars a month, it’s an exciting prospect!

Each month has an entirely different theme, with an entirely unique bag (which is another great part of Ipsy; many other beauty boxes don’t also give you a new bag, but instead just give you a standard box for shipping). Ipsy works to curate your bag’s contents in accordance with your quiz results–and yes, you can edit your beauty preferences later if you want to shift your focus to different products!

Ipsy also makes the entire month interesting by releasing hints, tutorials, and special offers to you via email; by the time your bag actually arrives, you’ve already been excitedly waiting for days!

The May bag is designed around the theme “Destination Chic”, and its jet-setting patterns certainly fit the bill. Since I was so excited about the bag itself, I was particularly eager for its arrival; and what I found in my bag doubled the satisfaction!

Hikari Shimmer Cosmetics Bronzer

First up: the Hikari Shimmer Cosmetics Bronzer. I don’t own any bronzers, and getting such a large product in an Ipsy has been (in my experience) rare–so this was a treat. I was originally skeptical; since my pale skin doesn’t lend itself to a bronzy glow, I feared that any use of bronzer would be obvious. However, when I applied it, I didn’t get any obvious lines of sun-kissed deception; instead, I got a nicely subtle tan. And the blush and highlighter were great enhancements to further that tan! Any section of this little bronzer palette can be used on its own, making it a superbly versatile palette that definitely shouldn’t be feared by the paler crowd.

Hanalei Lip Treatment

Next was the Hanalei Lip Treatment. One of the best things about Ipsy is all of its cruelty-free and vegan brands; over the course of my four-month subscription, I was exposed to almost a dozen excellent brands that I had never discovered on my own! Hanalei was certainly one of them, thanks to this clear, moisturizing little balm. The lip balm is not particularly long-lasting, but it is great for giving immediate relief to dry lips.

EVA NYC Hungry Hair Oil Treatment

Next, the Eva NYC Hungry Hair Oil Treatment. While beauty oils have their merits, I was not as psyched about hair oils–mostly because I still associate oily hair with complete unpleasantness. That being said, this treatment is indeed satisfying when your hair is dry; after all, it’s for “Hungry Hair”!

Smashbox Cosmetic's X-Rated Mascara

Mascara may not be the most exciting product in the world for some people, and it’s certainly not a necessity, but it IS one of those products that many girls use to finish their makeup looks. Smashbox Cosmetics’ X-Rated Mascara certainly works as an excellent finishing touch; it’s volumizing, but not overwhelmingly so. The only real complaint? The mascara’s smell–but, then again, which mascaras really smell appealing?

Pacifica Natural Mineral Coconut Eyeshadow Trio

The Pacifica Natural Mineral Coconut Eyeshadow Trio has a name that immediately appealed to me. Coconut eyeshadow? That sounds great–and it IS great! The vegan eyeshadow–in shades Crush, Skinny Dip, and Lovely–is advertised as “velvety”, and does indeed go on like velvet! It’s not very pigmented, but this trio does indeed make for an excellent everyday palette (one with adorable packaging!). And the fact that it’s cruelty-free just makes it all the better.

If you’re a beauty lover who may not have the time or the cash for splurges and shopping, then Ipsy just might be for you! You pick your preferences, and they find the products every month. It’s a win-win!

Interested in Ipsy? Sign up on its website or follow them below–and keep an eye out for more articles in this series!

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