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Vega Shake It all-plant-based protein and green shakes, available in many flavors, will keep you going all day long.

How many times have you tried to lose weight, only to be knocked down by the thought of being hungry? I am a plus size mama that loves food but I have never been one that eats a lot. I do, however, have a bad habit of eating a lot of junk food that is not good for me.

So when a protein shake came to my attention I just knew that I needed to try it out and start thinking about taking care of my body better. I want to lose weight and I think this is a good start for me. Vega Shake It is a vegan, plant-based protein product that helps reduce your calorie intake while still feeling full. I tried three different flavors: berry, chocolate and vanilla.

Vega Essential Chocolate Protien

The first flavor I tried was chocolate. I was not sure how it was going to taste and hoped that it would not put me off as I love chocolate. I think this flavor could have used some work when it was created. I found that if I mixed the chocolate with milk and drank it right away that I was okay with it. When I mixed the chocolate flavor with water, however, I found that it has a chalky taste to it and was very unpleasant when I did not drink it all right away. I think that might have to do with all the vitamins that are in it that help you achieve your targeted intake for the day.

Vega Vanilla Bean Frap Vega Vanilla

The Protein and Greens Vanilla flavor was pretty good. I figured that the vanilla would be a safe choice since I could also add the powder to any flavor smoothie that I want to make for added protein content. The vanilla with greens is a very tasty treat, I enjoyed this flavor very much. If you blend the powder with some ice you have a French Vanilla Frappuccino; delicious and good for you. I blended one scoop of the protein powder with 24 ounces of ice. If you experience difficulty blending, just add in a little water and it will blend to perfection.

Berry Power Shake Vega Berry Flavor

The third flavor that I love is the Berry Flavor Protein & Greens. I keep this at work for my long night shifts at the hospital. This one is so delicious and has a real berry taste. I put cold water into my Vega Shaker Bottle, added a scoop of berry powder and shook until blended. When I really want to “shake it up”, I use some fruit juice instead of the water and it gives me some extra vitamin C. I am tempted to mix the powder into some cupcakes, delicious and good for you? Maybe?

What makes Vega so special that it makes me want to drink it daily? Well, I have a habit of not eating three meals a day and I know I am missing out on some important vitamins and nutrients. I am always busy between sleeping, blogging, working and taking care of Josiah. All of the protein powders have greens in them such as organic alfalfa grass powder, spinach powder, broccoli powder, organic kale powder. I have always disliked kale. It has never been pleasing to my palate. With the greens mixed into the shake it helps increase the vitamin intake and provide the nutrients that I need.

Vega Chocolate Protein Shake it

There are two other Vega’s that I really want to try — Tropical Protein and Green and All in One Coconut Almond. So with my goal to get healthy and eat better, this is going to be an easier process with My Vega shaker bottle and all the delicious powder protein flavor options available.

You can find My Vega on their website to see all their products. You can purchase the products online on Amazon or Costco.

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What flavor would you be excited to try?


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