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I am currently making changes and wanted to upgrade a few tech items! First, I recently upgraded to a new laptop a few weeks ago! I am very happy with my purchase. My old laptop was at least 5 or 6 years old and on its last leg. One of the plastic hinge covers was broken off and I could see the wires, plus the laptop itself was super heavy! I wanted a laptop that I could fold into a tablet. I wanted a flexible and lightweight laptop! Since I upgraded my laptop, I wanted to personalize it a bit, so I found a few fun items that are perfect!

Are you looking to upgrade your home tech? We found a few awesome products to get started!

Another change in my life I am planning is I am hoping to get my own place, for my son and myself. I haven’t had my own place since before I was married. This time, it will be just my son and me. I just hope I can do it!

Paper Thin AT-133B Indoor HDTV Antenna

I was really excited to try a TV antenna to access local stations! I plan on getting my own place very soon and with that, I don’t plan on subscribing to cable TV. Several years ago, we cut cable and switched to a streaming service. To help save money, I plan on going basic and minimal.

Paper Thin AT-133B Indoor HDTV Antenna thin and lightweight

I received the Paper Thin AT-133B Indoor HDTV Antenna to try. I love how thin and lightweight the TV antenna is. I love the little stand it comes with, otherwise, there were suction cups, so if I wanted to hang it up on the wall, I had that option.

Setting up the Paper Thin AT-133B Indoor HDTV Antenna took a few minutes and scanning was quick too.  We found about 8 channels and only 2 or 3 come in clear. One or 2 of the channels are the Spanish-language television networks. The one channel that comes in great is CBS, so at least we can watch local news.

Wireless Charger and Wall Charger

I have my smartphone that I charge throughout the day. I am always on the phone checking emails, social media, and other things. So, I am always in need to chargers. I wanted a wireless smartphone charger to keep at my bedside.

I received the Fast Qi Wireless Charging Pad and the USB-PD Wall Charger! The Fast QI Wireless Charging Pad sits on my nightstand. I like to charge my phone at night and not worrying about cords. The wireless charging pad is the perfect smartphone charger! It charges quickly!

As for the USB-PD Wall Charger, I am unsure if my phone is compatible with it nor do I have the right cords to utilize it. I plan on upgrading my phone and once I do that, hopefully, I will have the cords to use the smartphone charger! Everyone needs a wall charger. When I know I’ll away from home, I like to bring a wall charger and a battery charger!

Kwilt Shoebox Plus

I have thousands and thousands of photos. Over the years, we’ve gone through many computers and laptops. Thankfully many of our photos saved to Google Drive. I also have my photos backed up on a paid service that I have. I wanted additional ways to back up my photos.

The Kwilt Shoebox Plus comes in handy for me. I love taking personal photos as well as photos for my blog and social media. The Kwilt is perfect because it saves my photos automatically.

The set up was a bit frustrating. I was trying to connect to my WiFi. Thankfully, during the process, I received an email from Kwilt that explained how to troubleshoot. After following their tips, I was able to connect to the correct WiFi and save my photos.

Once you set up the Kwilt Shoebox Plus, it works on its own. I literally don’t even mess with it. My photos are saved automatically.

How do you prepare when you upgrade your home tech? How do you backup your photos?

SkinIt Disney Designs

I recently purchased a new laptop. My old one was 5 years old or so! It was on its last leg. It took forever to load and one of the plastic hinges was broken. I wanted a new laptop that was lighter and faster.

Upgrade your home tech with a personalized look!

SkinIt Tinker Bell Believe LaptopWith my new laptop, I wanted a way to personalize it. I found SkinIt and chose two Disney skins! I chose the Mickey Mouse Silhouette and Tinker Bell Believe. Not knowing which one to put on my laptop, I asked my friends and everyone chose Tinker Bell Believe!

I did my best to center it and get it on perfectly but I did the best I could. You can’t tell it’s not exactly centered but it works! It looks beautiful and I am very happy with my laptop skin!

Upgrade your Home Tech - social media

Are you getting ready to upgrade your home tech? What products are you looking for?

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  1. We have antennas similar to the one featured in my bedroom and kids room they work great for picking up the freeview channels.Love the laptop skins

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