Treat Yourself To Luxury Swiss Skin Care

Treat Yourself To Luxury Swiss Skin Care - Caviar Serum by Alpessance Skincare

Caviar Serum by Alpessance Skincare

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Beauty Brite DisclosureCaviar Serum by Alpessance Skincare is a premium anti-aging, moisturizing, brightening and firming product developed in Switzerland. Caviar Serum not only works great on its own, it can also boost the effectiveness of any nutrient skin care product that you apply afterward, as well.

When one thinks of caviar, it is usually as a luxury food enjoyed by the wealthy. Personally, caviar does not sound appetizing to me in the least in term of a food product. But, I was very intrigued to hear that caviar is a component in beauty products. I had not previously heard of any that contained this apparently rich nutrient.

Caviar Serum by Alpessance Skincare

I think simple designs look so beautiful and elegant. That is definitely the impression that the presentation of the Caviar Serum from Alpessence Skincare has achieved with this beauty product. The black and silver product packaging looks so modern, sleek and refined.

Something new I learned while reading about skin care recently is that many people do not achieve the full effectiveness of the products they use (and spend a lot of money purchasing) because their skin does not absorb the product fully, meaning most only see beneficial results on the surface of their skin but the beneficial effects that they seek from their skin care products do not reach deep down to the levels of skin that need it most. What?! How can that be? Shouldn’t high-priced skin care products contain ingredients that push past the skin surface barriers? It just seems common sense to me that they should.

Alpessence products are formulated to do just that, though, to penetrate deeply beneath the surface of your skin for full effect. Not only that, they will boost the effectiveness of other skincare products you apply afterward, as well.

Alpessence features the Infusion-plus technology to deliver excellent active ingredients that penetrate into the deepest layers of your skin enhancing skin care regimen. —– Alpessence website

Caviar Serum by Alpessance Skincare

After daily cleansing, I apply this serum to my facial and neck skin before applying any other moisturizers or makeup. It feels so good and I can feel my skin absorbing it deep down. I feel like my facial moisturizer is absorbed better and the effects of the products together last a long time. Having a more moisturized surface means that the little bit of makeup that I do wear daily seems to go on easier and last better, too. I no longer have to reapply the concealer that I use to even out skin tone during the afternoon like I used to. I love that!

Do you have concerns about the effectiveness of your skin care products? Would you try this (or other products) from Alpessence?

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Disclaimer: I was provided the product shown free of charge to facilitate review. No other compensation was received. All opinions are 100% my own.

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