TOUCHDOWN, KENTUCKY!!! College Football Is Back! #WEAREUK

TOUCHDOWN, KENTUCKY!!! College Football Is Back! #WEAREUK

University of Kentucky Wildcats Football Program Booklet for season opener against UL Lafayette – Sept. 5, 2015.

Disclaimer: I was not compensated or given anything free by UK or anyone else to facilitate this post. My family attended this game at our own expense because we are UK fans. This post is comprised solely of my opinions about UK football and the game we attended. Any offense taken by fans of other SEC teams is not intended and should not be inferred as such. I am a Wildcat fan, but I respect all other college football teams, as well.

College football is back, baby! My husband, three children and I attended the first game in the newly renovated Commonwealth Stadium at the University of Kentucky campus in Lexington, KY. You can check out all things UK at For all things Kentucky sports, check out KSR (Kentucky Sports Radio). My husband is always listening to Matt Jones radio show on KSR. I don’t seek out the show but do listen when the hubby has it on.

We are dedicated Big Blue fans in our house. And with the excitement for this season of college football verging on palpable in Kentucky, this was a great opportunity to take a day trip with the family, tailgate and listen to pre-game shows on the radio, and get a look at the improvements made to the stadium since last season.

TOUCHDOWN, KENTUCKY!!! College Football Is Back! #WEAREUK

That’s A LOT of football players, a veritable sea of blue washing over the field as they make their way out of the locker room for warm ups. That’s not even all of them. They just kept coming and coming…

TOUCHDOWN, KENTUCKY!!! College Football Is Back! #WEAREUK

There they are warming up pre-game. The crowd was super excited and oh, so ready for the game to begin, already!

   TOUCHDOWN, KENTUCKY!!! College Football Is Back! #WEAREUK  TOUCHDOWN, KENTUCKY!!! College Football Is Back! #WEAREUK

I had no idea that there would be parachuters! All of a sudden, everyone was looking up. Curious, I looked up and saw airplanes overhead and four parachuters serenely floating in a spiral down toward the field, each trailed by a huge American flag. It was awesome! None of the pictures I took did them justice. They all landed right on the field to riotous applause from the crowd.

TOUCHDOWN, KENTUCKY!!! College Football Is Back! #WEAREUK

This is one of two large screen scoreboards displayed at the ends of the field. Before the game started the fans were treated to information about Wildcat players and promo videos to get us all in a frenzy to start the game with a bang.

Check out the KY Wildcat football team entering the field to great applause and small fireworks. Pretty awesome!


The Wildcats were on fire during the first half, with sophomore RB Boom Williams scoring the first UK touchdown on the first play, a 75-yard thrill fest mere seconds into the game! UK went on to dominate the first half of the game pretty much. As the teams retreated to the locker rooms at half time UK was in the lead 24-7 and the game looked to be a shoe-in for Kentucky. In the second half, though, Kentucky seemed to flounder as UL Lafayette found their stride. Lafayette scored 23 unanswered points in the second half, including two successful 2-pt conversions to bring the score to a tie (33-33) in the final minutes of the game. Kentucky pulled it out at the end, scoring a touchdown to win. But, oh my gawd… the end of the fourth quarter was a nail biter!!!

Here’s a short video of a KY touchdown scored in the third quarter:


The applause after this touchdown was a bit more subdued due to the less-than-stellar performance of the Wildcat team as the second half got underway. I wish I’d taken a video of one of the first-half touchdowns. The crowd was insane!!!

One of my favorite things about our love of the Wildcats is all the great sports merch available. We have had our share over the years. Of course my husband’s truck sports the UK magnetic emblems and bright blue and white UK flags at the top of the windows on game days, whether we are attending the game or not. Some of the current favorites in our house are this awesome, and very soft, blanket I gifted my husband a couple of years ago, his UK tumbler we recently purchased from a school fundraiser to support our son’s marching band and a hoodie I chose at Target. I didn’t get to wear the hoodie to this game, despite the fact that it’s a thin shirt material, because it was a toasty 92 degrees on game day. But, I can’t wait to wear it to the first game we attend when the cooler Fall weather finally finds Kentucky.

TOUCHDOWN, KENTUCKY!!! College Football Is Back! #WEAREUK  TOUCHDOWN, KENTUCKY!!! College Football Is Back! #WEAREUK  TOUCHDOWN, KENTUCKY!!! College Football Is Back! #WEAREUK

One year for his birthday, I gave my husband a box filled with little UK goodies, including UK Post It Notes. A few months later, our home was destroyed by a tornado and we had to move to a rental home while we built a new house. My oldest child was a senior in high school and this happened just a few weeks before prom. It was truly a struggle, with all of the upheaval to focus on prom dress shopping and preparing for that very important occasion with her. We got it pulled together and she was absolutely beautiful and had a wonderful night. Amid all of the stress of dealing with the insurance company, trying to compile an inventory of possessions to replace and preparing to break ground on the building of our new home she gave us a gift. Laughter. A good, down to the bottom of your belly laugh. She decided to use some of her Dad’s UK Post-It notes in a very funny way…

TOUCHDOWN, KENTUCKY!!! College Football Is Back! #WEAREUK

Yes. You read that right. She used them to let us know she needed lunch money for school. I laughed. And laughed. And laughed some more when I walked into the kitchen one morning to see this. I knew after that morning that we were gonna be all right. We lost a lot, but the most important things we possessed were saved. We did not lose loved ones, human or animal. We didn’t lose any material items we couldn’t live without. And we didn’t lose our sense of humor. We could have lost so much, and yet what was lost (though missed dearly, such as Christmas tree ornaments the kids made for me at school that are irreplaceable) were not imperative to life. We were all safe and together and we could laugh. It was a perfect representation of how blessed we are, this simple message. My husband wasn’t thrilled that she’d used half a pad of post-its to ask for lunch money, but he laughed, too.

Life is good. Relish the simple pleasures, like cheering on your favorite sport team, even if it’s not the Wildcats (I forgive you!) because tomorrow’s not promised. Right now, this moment is assured. Live it to the fullest. Say the things you wanna say. I just did. And it is good!



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