The Travel Mug Every Multitasker Needs

The Travel Mug Every Multitasker Needs
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My husband and I have always traveled by car, so when we had our son, it only made sense to us to drive to our destinations. It is perfect because our son has special needs, so we can stop as often as we want. We travel on our own timeline.

Over the years, we’ve been on long road trips. Thinking back, I wish we had travel mugs to carry our coffee, tea or other beverage in. It would save on the amount of trash that would accumulate from empty paper and styrofoam cups.

We are also multitaskers. We love to stay busy and there is no need to worry about our coffee getting cold.

Imagine a travel mug that keeps your hot beverages hot for hours! Instead of buying a hot beverage in a styrofoam or paper cup and your coffee cools down within a half hour, your hot beverage is still hot after that!

Imagine a travel mug that keeps the lid clean and free of dirt and germs.

Imagine no more!

Contigo AutoSeal Transit AutoSeal Button

Meet The Ultimate Travel Mug

The Contigo AutoSeal Transit does just that! This travel mug is perfect for every multitasker. Imagine your commute to work. You are juggling the kids, your purse or handbag, briefcase, backpacks or any other bags.

Now imagine your travel mug and all the spills that can happen. And don’t forget your coffee getting cold.

The Contigo AutoSeal Transit stays sealed when not in use, it also features a CleanGuard lid to keep dirt and germs out!

The Contigo AutoSeal Transit is easy to clean too. I choose to hand wash both parts and allow to air dry.

The Contigo AutoSeal Transit fits our Keurig too!

Contigo AutoSeal Transit Open and Closed

The Contigo AutoSeal Transit is super easy to use. When not in use, keep the CleanGuard lid on. When you are ready to enjoy your hot beverage, just rotate the CleanGuard lid, press the AutoSeal button and take a sip!

My husband is the type to rush off to work and he has just enough time to stop for coffee on the way. He now has the option to brew his own coffee at home and take it with him.

When I think of all the scenarios that can happen to me, I am thankful to have Contigo AutoSeal Transit to use for my hot beverages. Even though I am a stay at home mom, I enjoy my coffee from our Disney mugs. I usually find myself drinking my coffee super fast just because I don’t want my coffee to get cold.

I feel confident carrying hot coffee with me at the bus stop in the morning. My son is with me and my priority is watching him and making sure he gets on the bus safely. Now I can enjoy coffee at the bus stop! No worries about spilling hot coffee everywhere or getting unwanted dirt and germs on the lid either.

The Contigo AutoSeal Transit is perfect for the busy, multitasking person! Whether you are a busy parent or always on-the-go, the Contigo AutoSeal Transit will fit your lifestyle!

You can purchase the Contigo AutoSeal Transit at Amazon, Target and Walmart.

You can find Contigo on their website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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  1. These look very nice. I like the brand name. Thank yu for sharing.

  2. I don’t drink many hot drinks in the car but i would like this for my sister who has a long drive to work every morning and she loves her coffee.

  3. We like Contigo mug/cups! It’s my daughter’s favorite!

  4. They are well made mugs and will help prevent a mess.

  5. I like the twisting feature. It would definitely help clumsy me prevent spills.

  6. gloria patterson says

    I to like to travel by car and want hot beverages but I also want cold beverages and this sounds just like the cup I need

  7. tat2gurlzrock says

    Contigo makes great products! We have a couple we use all the time.

  8. April Bentley says

    I love a good travel mug! I have over ten in my collect. they are great for on the go!

  9. I love the Contigo brand and have several of their mugs but not this particular one. They are quality at a good price.

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