The Portable, Easy Way To Get Clear Skin Now

The Portable, Easy Way To Get Clear Skin Now


My entire life I wished I was one of those perfect woman genetically blessed with flawless, radiant skin. In reality, I’m a hormonal woman that dealt with acne on a fairly regular basis. However, changing up my lifestyle routine has helped incredibly; clean-eating, water, and daily exercise have done so much good for my complexion. Still, I’m occasionally plagued with a nasty pimple or two.

The Me Clear has become a secret weapon in my acne-fighting arsenal. This portable, travel-sized device packs a powerful punch against stubborn blemishes and fits conveniently into my purse. Me Clear is the first blue LED acne treatment to combine three technologies: sonic vibration, healing blue light, and soothing heat. This advanced technology has the power to heal acne and greatly reduce pimple size within 24 hours. Blue light has been known to target acne causing bacteria and destroy it.

The Portable, Easy Way To Get Clear Skin Now

Everything Came in a Petite Box; My Device, Directions, and Charger. I’m Ready to Go!

At first I was a little nervous to try out the Me Clear, but the results sounded amazing and I couldn’t wait to see them for myself. I plugged the Me Clear into my bathroom outlet and let it charge for several hours so I could use it before bedtime. I relaxed and watched television with my husband while using the Me Clear; it beeped every few minutes when I need to move on to the next problem spot. I experienced zero pain using the Me Clear; just gentle warmth and subtle vibrations over each trouble area. The next day, I felt as though the redness and swelling of my acne had been reduced. This product works best for individuals with mild to moderate acne.

The Portable, Easy Way To Get Clear Skin Now

Cute, Portable, and Functional. It’s Easy to Love the Me Clear!

I also love that Me Clear prevents future breakouts and won’t cause dryness or skin irritation. The instructions are incredibly simple even for the technologically challenged like me. All you need is 2 minutes, 3 times a day. Relax, read a book, or watch television and you’re done before you know it. I loved that the Me Clear was so painless and effortless! It is also simple and easy to pack and take for travel.  What an easy way to get clear, beautiful skin!

The Me Clear is Available for Purchase Here!

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  1. I’m breaking out like crazy those days! I really need to try this device – it sounds amazing!

  2. Sounds interesting!

  3. Sandy says

    I use this product too, and I am crazy about this device.

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