The Importance of Family Movie Night

The Importance of Family Movie Night

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Friday evenings have become movie night in our household. It’s a chance for us to order our favorite food, relax together as a family, and have a few laughs. My son really enjoys movies with lots of action and adventure; finding new options he likes can be a challenge for me. I was really excited when I had the chance to check out Lionsgate’s newest release, The Adventures of Panda Warrior!

The Importance of Family Movie Night

The Adventures of Panda Warrior on DVD, On Demand, and Digital HD is a fun choice for family movie night! We made an event of it; we ordered pizza, wings, and had plenty of snacks as we watched the movie. My son was captivated the entire time; it was entertaining and hilarious, but it also taught viewers several valuable life lessons.

This family-friendly movie begins long ago, set in ancient China. The loveable and peaceful soldier, Patrick, is changed into a Panda and transported to magical Merryland. On his journey, he meets new friends and must work together with them to defeat an evil snake that has brought misery to Merryland. Patrick improves his skills as a warrior by rising to the occasion with each challenge he faces. In the end, he learns the importance of friendship and believing in yourself. The voice cast for this movie includes Norm MacDonald, Rob Schneider, Haylie Duff, Tom Kenny, and Lauren Elizabeth.

With the crazy and first paced way of life nowadays, I believe it’s really important that families make time for one another. Little moments, like watching a movie together, are a great bonding opportunity. Movie nights are the perfect occasion to relax together, unwind, and laugh a little. These precious, simple moments create the childhood that our children will look back on and remember.

The Importance of Family Movie Night

Snuggled up and ready to watch “The Adventures of Panda Warrior” for movie night!

If you’re looking for a new option for family night movie, you might want to give this movie a try. It’s a silly and action-packed movie that children will love; parents will enjoy that it teaches the importance of teamwork, friendship, and hard work.  The Adventures of Panda Warrior can be purchased here.

The Adventures of Panda Warrior will be released on DVD, On Demand, and Digital HD on August 2nd!

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