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Flavor Family

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Caramel. How the heavens have given me a sinful addiction to Caramels. Whether it is plain caramel to flavored caramel or made with coconut milk.

I just love the taste of mouthwatering chewy and taffy like texture that comes with the taste of caramel. I have tried many different kinds in the past and I have truly found my favorite caramel out there right now. They are from the McCrea’s Candies, these are handcrafted that have a little twist that makes them have unique flavors and texture to them.

Mc Crea's Black Lava

The Caramels all have the same base and it is just delicious just the way it is on it’s own…but why should they stop there when they are making this delicious base. The flavor family container that McCrea’s has, is a container that has all the different flavors that the McCrea’s Candies sells.

McCrea So Many Flavors

The four very unique ones to me are Dark Roasted Mocha, Ginger Fusion, Rosemary Truffle Sea Salt, and the Highland Scotch. They all taste just amazing to me and was delighted to try all the different combinations they mastered up!

McCrea Eating Black

These next three caramels are ones that are sure to be favorite for anyone. Since, they are not so out of the box like the first four that I was just talking about.

Tapped Maple Caramel has the sweetness from the cream and sugar but the tapped maple changes the taste to be one that reminds me of pancakes in the morning. The next caramel is the Deep Chocolate Caramel. This one you can see right off that it has chocolate in it from the deep brown color. I think that this one is for the True chocolate lovers out there. The last classic one is the Classic Vanilla flavor, it has a slight hint of vanilla in it for us vanilla lovers.

Caramel Love

The last two that I have saved for last is my absolute favorite to eat and I have already finished them all. Leaving me wanting more to eat! The Black Lava Sea Salt and the Cape Cod Sea Salt.

When eating caramel I do not think of sea salt as a first thought to pair with it. However, it works very well and is an excellent pairing for the sweet caramel. With the mixed blend of sea salt throughout the caramel pieces, makes it a wonderful burst that adds to the flavor.

When Josiah tried the Black Lava Sea Salt caramel for me, he popped the sticky caramel all in his mouth. Getting bits and bursts of the sweet and savory goodness every time he chewed down on the caramel.

The Cape Cod and Black Lava both have salts in the caramel, but they both have a different intensity of salt in them that make them both very different.

Do you like eating Caramel and if so what kinda flavors do you enjoy?

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  1. Caramels are my favorite too! These look devine!

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