Take Ageing to Task

Ageing, it happens to us all but that doesn’t mean we have to give into it gracefully. In our hyper connected world we have makeup and styling advice at the mere click of a button. So if you’re looking to update your style as you grow just a little bit older then look no further than this guide. It’s time to take ageing to task. Let us show you how to get started.

Take Ageing to Task

We’re looking at tips and tricks to keep those wrinkles at bay but also some great lifestyle choices you can make to help skin out as it ages.


For all the bare faced women out there, keep doing what you do, you look great. For those who prefer a little coverage and enjoy wearing make up here are some great style tips. Those dramatic, heavy kohl eyes that made such a powerful effect when you were younger, simply might not work in the same way today. By all means go for the drama but consider toning down the black for grey to create a softer, smokier look rather than the harshness of pure black. If you have a darker skin tone, the same rule applies here. Opt for darker shades of brown or grey.

You may have worn foundation for most of your life but that matte look will no longer serve you as the skin on your face becomes thinner. While providing great coverage for plumper skin, foundation can easily get clogged up around laughter lines and look too powdery. Instead look at creating a more dewy look. If you’re willing to cut down the foundation usage then you might also consider a great quality tinted moisturiser to give you great coverage and ongoing hydration.

Finally, the very best way to keep ahead of makeup trends for every skin tone and age is to keep up to date with your favourite lifestyle, beauty and fashion bloggers for all the latest makeup tips and tricks.

Blush and Lipsticks

Skin Care

If you have even a passing interest in beauty then you’ll be more than aware of the importance of looking after your skin. While you may not be prone to the outbreaks you had when much younger, your skin still needs a lot of care and attention at any age.

The very best way of achieving this is through a well established beauty routine. That habit of completely taking your makeup off at night and giving your face the best cleansing and moisturising routine. Remember to include a weekly acid peel to reveal fresher, brighter skin and you’ll be keeping your skin in tip-top condition.

No blog would be complete without a shout out to your lifestyle. Fresh, fresh, fresh is the name of the game with a great diet, cutting down on the alcohol and of course, not smoking. Round this all off with a decent amount of water drunk every day and you’ll have skin that positively glows with health.

Ageing happens, it’s not the end of the world, just a new phase in your health and beauty habits. Find products that adapt to your changing needs and fight time with a great beauty regime, fabulous makeup and a lifestyle to match.

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