Shave Less with These Subtle Changes

Summer is here and the weather is HOT! It is safe to assume, we have all taken our shorts, skirts, and bathing suits out of the closet. This also means adding the extra time during our shower to shave. No more pants or sweats to cover up that hair sadly! I have to admit that shaving is my least favorite part of summer. It only takes a few minutes but I loathe feeling like the smoothness of my legs isn’t lasting as long as I would like it to.

Shave Less With These Subtle Changes
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Easy All Over Skin Care

Easy All Over Skin Care - Neriumâ„¢ International Firming Body Contour Cream

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I’m all about easy. The easier the better. For everything. Here’s how to make your skin care routine easier with a top to toe body cream from Nerium™ International. I’ve used products from this company before, including their age-defying eye serum, which is amazing! [read more]