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Ready to try high quality, eco-friendly, SUSTAINABLE beauty products? Eco & Earth has selected amazing products that not only leaves you looking & feeling beautiful, but has a mission to reduce the carbon footprint and help create a more sustainable world for our future.

Beauty Tool Must Haves

Beauty tools can really step up your skin care game. The right tools can make a huge difference in the appearance and overall health of your skin. They are worth the investment & can last a lifetime. Beauty tools are the perfect addition to any skin care arsenal!

Dry Brushing Your Face

We are well aware of how beneficial dry brushing is for our skin. It helps stimulate our lymphatic system allowing it to drain. This helps smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. Dry brushing your face has even shown to reduce puffiness and helps with dark circles around your eyes. The most obvious benefit of dry brushing is the gentle exfoliation that gets rid of dry skin. Dry skin can clog pores and cause itching, which can lead to acne. So not only is dry brushing beneficial, it can prevent skin issues in the long run.

Eco & Earth Facial Skincare Dry Brush is a great beauty tool to own. After 5 minutes of using a circular upward motion on my face, my skin felt invigorated, firm and looked brighter. I have dry brushed my face a total of 3x’s this week and the difference in my skins overall texture and glow was amazing! The bristles on the Eco & Earth Skincare Dry Brush are very soft and wont irritate or scratch your skin. It is a relaxing part of my routine that can be done at least twice a week.

Facial Roller

Facial rollers have amazing benefits for your skin. They help increase blood circulation, improves skin and muscle tone and helps flush your body of toxins. The Eco & Earth Rose Quartz Jade Roller is beautiful and high quality. It is made of rose quartz that is nice and smooth on both ends of the roller. It is great for easing muscle tension, reducing puffiness and has a cooling effect on your skin.

I love using the Eco & Earth Rose Quartz Jade Roller with hemp facial oil. It has turned into the most relaxing and calming part of my nightly routine. The jade roller helps work the oil into my skin giving it a more juicier look. Since the quartz is nice and cool, it helps minimize the appearance of pores. It would be an added benefit if you kept the jade roller in your fridge for a more cooling effect.

Sustainable Shampoo, Conditioner & Shave Soap

Ever thought about using more sustainable hygiene products? Bar shampoo, conditioner and shave soap are a great sustainable alternative to bottled liquid hygiene products. There is no fuss or worry about disposing of plastic bottles and are great for travel.

Solid Shampoo & Conditioner

Balade en Provence Lavender Solid Shampoo has four main ingredients: shea butter, grape seed oil, cocoa oil and colza oil. It really helped moisturize my dry scalp and my hair felt stronger. I noticed my hair had a gorgeous shine to it and was left smelling and feeling clean.

Balade en Provence Lavender Solid Shampoo worked surprisingly well despite my hesitations. All you need to do was run the bar down your hair from root to tip. There was no mess, or over use of product, just the perfect amount your hair needs. Since Balade Soild Shampoo helps eliminate silicone in your hair, you wont need to wash your hair as often which is great for your overall hair health.

Eco & Earth Conditioner Bar performed amazingly. It left my hair smooth, soft and shiny. My hair smelled fresh and felt clean. After washing your hair with shampoo, you simply need to massage the bar conditioner into your hair and leave it in for a few minutes so it can do its magic. It does not foam but it did helped de-tangle my curly hair into something more manageable. The best part, both the shampoo & conditioner bars will last a very long time since you do not use that much product. Huge win for your wallet!

Solid Shaving Bar

I have always used shaving creams that came from a can, so I was excited to try a shaving bar for the first time. Eco & Earth Citrus and Aloe Vera Shaving Soap is gentle on sensitive skin yet has a great slip for your razor. It works up into a rich lather that helps soften the hairs and protects your skin while shaving. You can apply it anywhere that you need to shave, so its great for men and women. Eco & Earth shaving soap leaves your skin feeling moisturized, smooth & silky.

When it comes to sustainable beauty, what will you try? Check out more eco-friendly & natural products on Eco & Earth‘s website.

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